Training for schools and governors

Schools and governors have been receptive to the Education Research and Statistics work on the use of data for self-evaluation, target setting and development planning. The team is a critical friend, helping schools to use performance data to secure improvements.

The purpose of the training is to look at the ways in which your school performance data can be used for school self-evaluation and raising achievement. The training programme helps governors and senior teachers to understand school performance and to ask key questions such as:

  1. What does the attainment data tell me about the performance of the school compared to national and LA averages? Do we have any underperforming groups of pupils?
  2. What does the value added data tell me about pupil progress?
  3. What are the overall strengths and areas of development?
  4. What can be done to improve?

The session covers in detail evidence from: 

  • RAISEonline
  • LA School Profile
  • LA contextual and value-added reports

The training is customised to each school’s needs. The format of the training session is interactive and includes presentations, practical exercises and open discussions on good news and key issues raised from the school performance data with implications for Ofsted inspections. School staff and governors use data to draw up action plans.

1. Making use of RAISEonline

2. CPD course: Using data and research to drive school improvement