DisabledGo have been working with us to provide access information on just over 300 places to go in the area.
DisabledGo logo DisabledGo is a social enterprise working across the UK to tackle social isolation and inequality by providing better information. It was founded by wheelchair user Dr Gregory Burke in response to his frustration about the lack of information for disabled people trying to access new places.

DisabledGo’s website www.disabledgo.com aims to answer everyone’s questions about the accessibility of places they need to visit. It has been developed by the disabled people who use it, reflecting the needs of people with a wide range of impairments.

DisabledGo have been working with Lambeth Council to provide access information to just over 300 places to go in the area, including:

  • Pharmacies
  • Leisure Centres
  • Libraries
  • Parks
  • Children Centres
  • and many more

Visit the information on Lambeth places.

Most important of all, everywhere has been visited and assessed by a trained surveyor, so you can get all the facts, knowing someone has actually been there to collect the details.

The information sits alongside over 125,000 other places across the UK, making the website a great tool for planning a trip away, as well as visiting places locally.