The council and our partners' vision and priorities up to 2021.

‘Future Lambeth: Our borough plan' is the council and our partners' vision and priorities up to 2021, building on the enormous improvements that have been made across Lambeth in recent years.

It sets out three strategic priorities that all partners will work towards in order to make Lambeth a stronger, fairer and more prosperous borough. The Plan sets out our three priorities:

  • Creating inclusive growth: We want all of Lambeth to benefit from the investment and regeneration of the Borough
  • Reducing inequality: We want to take action to address inequalities across the borough including issues to do with health, job opportunities and quality of life
  • Building strong and sustainable neighbourhoods: We want to maintain safe, clean and cohesive communities across the borough

The Borough Plan is about working in partnership to ensure that Lambeth is a great place for everyone.

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