Find out about the vision for Lambeth Council and how we are organised, including where services sit and our management structure with names of directors and key officers.

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1. Five main directorates & senior managers

The organisation now has five main directorates. They represent the five key functional areas of the council.

  • Children's Services
  • Adults and Health
  • Resident Services
  • Sustainable Growth and Opportunity
  • Finance and Investment

See below for information on the structure of the directorates and the senior managers of each.

2. Statutory roles

  • Section 151 Officer is Christina Thompson, Acting Strategic Director of Finance and Investment
  • Monitoring Officer is Alison McKane, Director of Legal and Governance
  • Head of Paid Service is Andrew Travers, Chief Executive
  • Statutory Director of Children's Services is Annie Hudson, Strategic Director of Childrens Services
  • Statutory Director of Adult's Social Services is Fiona Connolly, Acting Strategic Director of Adults and Health
  • Statutory Scrutiny Officer is Wayne Chandai, Head of the Chief Executive’s Office and Democratic Services Manager

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