This toolkit is intended to be used by councillors and council officers to help them engage with citizens more effectively than when using traditional engagement methods. However citizens and people who do not work directly for the council should also find it useful as a way of identifying key people in the council and the borough to work with and to use the tools and advice given. The Toolkit is the main output of a Cabinet Review into Community Engagement in Lambeth. The report of the review is also available below.

The whole toolkit is available to download from the box below.

Paul Simpson, Lead on Consultation and Engagement for the council

pdf Lambeth community engagement toolkit 2015 - whole toolkit1.24 MB
pdf Methods for community engagement and coproduction in Lambeth251.17 KB
pdf Engaging with specific community groups351.02 KB
pdf Five steps to facilitating a meeting324.81 KB
pdf How to design a leaflet or poster280.08 KB
pdf How to organise a public meeting282.47 KB
pdf How to organise an event277.63 KB
pdf How to produce a newsletter294.55 KB
pdf Further reading on community engagement310.08 KB
pdf Inviting the Mayor or the Leader of Lambeth to your event405.16 KB
pdf Community Engagement Cabinet Review FINAL REPORT 1004.24 KB