The feedback from the peer review is in. Find out how we did.

We had a peer review from the Local Government Association (LGA) in the autumn of 2016. This review is carried out by officers and councillors from other councils and is done to see where we are making progress or where we could be doing better.

We now have received their report that sets out their recommendations and you can read the initial response to the report by the chief executive and leader of the council.

What they picked up on is that there is a lot of excellent activity going on across the council and borough that we can be proud of. They also recognised that we have a very active borough with many engaged residents.

They are pleased with our borough plan as it sets our priorities around inclusive growth, reducing inequality and maintaining strong and sustainable neighbourhoods. They want us to improve how we prioritise and be better at engaging our residents. They felt there was an appetite from partners and residents for us to work closely together.

We think they have captured a fair view of the council and borough and we are now looking to respond positively to their findings. The LGA will do a follow up visit to see how things have progressed and we are working to ensure it will be a positive visit.