Helpful information if you're moving into Lambeth. How to register for Council Tax and other services. Get to know the borough and your neighbourhood.

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1. Register for Council Tax

If you've just moved in to Lambeth, tell us about your change of address and register for Council Tax.

You'll complete an online form and you'll get the opportunity to set up a Direct Debit to pay your Council Tax.

We'll send out your first bill, which will have details on different ways to pay.

Once you have your council tax account number, you can manage your Council Tax online through mylambeth - where you'll be able to see your bills, change Direct Debit details and turn off paper billing.

2. mylambeth online account

mylambeth is a personal account giving you 24/7 online access to your council services.

Save time and do it online register for mylambeth now

Through mylambeth you can:

  • manage your Council Tax account
  • view housing benefit accounts
  • view social landlord accounts
  • view library accounts
  • register for garden waste.

We're adding new services to mylambeth all the time.

3. Register to vote

Join the electoral register with your new address, to vote in local and national elections.

Register to vote

Find your local councillors - you can contact your local elected councillor if there's an issue in your neighbourhood, and to get involved in local projects.

4. Parking permits

Our resident parking permits allow you to park in controlled parking zones (CPZs) in Lambeth. Lambeth has 13 CPZs - find out where they are.

The cost depends on your emissions or engine size, and there are different fees for motorbikes.

Apply for a parking permit and find out more

Permit applications are done online. You can also apply for visitors' permits.