Lambeth Council is a democratic organisation. It comprises 63 elected councillors who are responsible for agreeing policies about provision of services and how our money is spent.

The Cabinet, made up of the Leader and Deputy Leaders of the council and seven other councillors, implements the Council’s policies and spending in accordance with the policy framework and budget.

Officers, employed by the council, are responsible for the day-to-day management.

There are other people who represent the interests of the people of Lambeth such as MPs, MEPs and members of the London Assembly at the Greater London Authority (GLA).

Our constitution sets out how the council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures that are followed to ensure that these decisions are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people.

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1. Councillors

Your local councillors are elected by the community to decide how the council should carry out its various activities.

What does my councillor do?

Your councillor:

  • is responsible for how nearly £300 million is spent every year on public services
  • represents public interest as well as individuals living within the ward in which they have been elected
  • has regular contact with the general public through council meetings, telephone calls or surgeries.

What can my councillor do for me?

  • Provide help and advice on any concerns or problems relating to council services, that you feel are important, face-to-face, in regular surgeries and follow up on the issues raised.
  • Represent your community within the council and to other organisations.
  • Develop links with all parts of the community.
  • Support local partnerships and organisations.
  • Campaign on local issues.

Your councillor is not paid a salary for their work but does receive allowances.

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Councillors acting as representatives on outside organisations and other bodies

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2. Members of Parliament

There are three parliamentary constituencies in Lambeth; each constituency has one MP. The MPs are all available at regular advice surgeries to meet with constituents.

Contact details for your MPs

3. Members of the European Parliament

Since the 1999 European Elections, Members of the European Parliament (MEP's), elected by proportional representation, represent London as a whole. Contact any of them for help and advice on European matters.

Contact details for your MEPs

4. Greater London Authority

The Greater London Authority was established in 2000 to represent the interests of Londoners and to direct the future of London, particularly on issues surrounding transport, policing, planning, culture, environment, health, fire and emergency services and economic planning.

The Mayor of London is Sadiq Khan who, along with the London Assembly of 25 members, is accountable for the strategic government of London. You can email the Mayor at:

There are 25 London Assembly Members in total, 11 of which are elected on and London-wide basis and 14 representing the local borough areas. The Assembly holds the Mayor to account and examining his decisions. Florence Eshalomi is the local Assembly member for the Lambeth & Southwark area. You can email Florence at:

If you wish to contact the mayor or an assembly member by writing to:

City Hall
The Queen's Walk

020 7983 4000