Find out what the Mayor, Leader and Cabinet do for Lambeth Council, and how to contact them. See which events the mayor will be attending.

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1. The Mayor of Lambeth

Mayor of Lambeth Councillor Christopher Wellbelove The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Lambeth for 2018-19 were inaugurated on Wednesday 23 May 2018 at the annual meeting of the council.

The current Mayor is Councillor Christopher Wellbelove who has been a councillor for Clapham Town Ward since 2006.

The Deputy Mayor is Councillor Ibrahim Dogus who became a councillor for Bishop's Ward in 2018.

About the Mayor

The Mayor of Lambeth is elected each year at the annual general meeting of the council.

The Mayor has many civic and ceremonial responsibilities and has an ambassadorial role as first citizen of the borough.

This means the Mayor will promote Lambeth and participate in, and help initiate, activities that help the economic, social, cultural and environmental wellbeing of Lambeth and its residents.

The role of Mayor of Lambeth role includes:

  • chairing council meetings
  • attending events in Lambeth and across London
  • fundraising for their chosen charity - see next section.

The Deputy Mayor's role is to represent the Mayor when they're unavailable.

2. Mayor's charity details

The Mayor's chosen charity to support during his term in office is Mosaic Clubhouse.

Mosaic Clubhouse

Creating opportunities, realising potential

Mosaic Clubhouse is an award winning charity in Brixton providing services to the Lambeth community and surrounding boroughs.

It has been funded by Lambeth Council and the NHS Lambeth since it was founded in 1994.

Mosaic aims to promote positive mental health for young people living with severe and often enduring mental health problems, enabling them to regain the confidence and skills necessary to lead productive and satisfying lives.

Visit the Mosaic Clubhouse website.

If you would like to make a donation; cheques should be made payable to 'London Borough of Lambeth Mayor’s Charity' and posted to:

Mayor's Office,London Borough of Lambeth, PO box 734, Winchester, SO23 5DG


If you would like to make a payment by bank transfer the details are:

Bank: Natwest
Sort code: 60-03-36
Account number: 81348789
Ref: Charity 2018/19

3. The Leader of the Council

Leader of the Council - Councillor Lib Peck

Councillor Lib Peck

The leader of the Council is Councillor Lib Peck.

Political life

Councillor Lib Peck has been the Leader of Lambeth Council since 2012 and a councillor for the Thornton ward since 2001.

The Leader of the Council is responsible for setting the overall political and strategic direction for the council; acts as the lead spokesperson and manages external relations including with Government, the GLA and local and regional bodies; as well as managing the council’s relations with key stakeholders, partners and investors and holding the council’s Chief Executive to account. The Leader also oversees communications and public awareness campaigns.

Before becoming leader, Lib served in a number of senior positions within the Lambeth Cabinet, including holding the portfolios for Environment and Culture as well as Housing and Regeneration.

Across these posts, she secured the delivery of a £450 million programme of investment into Lambeth’s housing, developed the Lambeth Homes Standard with tenants and residents, and has been instrumental in bringing new leisure facilities to the borough in Clapham, Streatham and Norwood.

Housing has been a key focus of Lib’s political career to date. As portfolio holder she was responsible for a significant drop in the number of empty council homes in Lambeth, as well putting housing budgets on a steady footing by tackling a £12 million deficit and improving levels of rent collection.

She says:

“Both supply and affordability pose big challenges for us in Lambeth, but Lambeth has a fantastic sense of community, and we absolutely do not want families to be priced out of the borough as their households begin to grow.

The work continues. During our next term in office, we’re pledging to build 5000 new affordable homes for Lambeth residents.”

Lib has also been instrumental in bringing new jobs and homes to the borough through the Vauxhall Nine Elms Development, for which she serves as Co-Chair of the partnership over seeing the regeneration project.

As well as her work in Cabinet, Lib has a strong record of local campaigning. Locally, she has been instrumental in:

  • Bringing the 255 bus to her ward at the request of local residents
  • Supporting the expansion of a key local school, Telferscot
  • Seeing the development of the Weir Link children’s centre turn a derelict launderette into a thriving community centre used by children and families in Clapham
  • Bringing improvements to local housing estates

Lib also serves on the Board of Directors of the Brixton Pound, is London’s representative for the Association of Labour Councillors (ALC) and is a member of the GMB union.

Personal life

Lib has been a resident of Thornton for over 17 years, where she lives with her partner and two daughters.

Having studied History at the University of Manchester, Lib has worked for a peace organisation, for Justice, an eminent UK human rights organisation, as well as serving on the board of the Prisoners of Conscience Trust.

Lib has had a lifelong interest in politics and decided to become a councillor to better represent her community in Thornton.

She says, “I believe local councillors have a key role to play in acting as a vital link between the community and the council, representing the interests of fellow residents.”

Lib is also a big advocate of women’s and human rights. She is proud to be one of the few female leaders in local government, and is keen to champion women’s involvement in politics.

She is also a strong proponent of the London Living Wage, and worked to ensure that Lambeth became one of the first councils to pay it to all its employees.

She is also a firm believer in the importance of green issues and sustainability and is a keen cyclist, using her bike most days to get around Lambeth.

Read Lib's blog London Borough of Lambeth is not responsible for the content of any external link.

Contact Cllr Lib Peck:

Michael Warren
PA to the Leader of the Council
Olive Morris House
18 Brixton Hill
Phone: 020 7926 1167

4. The Cabinet

Leader of the Council - Councillor Lib Peck

Councillor Lib Peck Cllr Peck is responsible for:

  • setting the overall political and strategic direction for the council
  • acting as the lead spokesperson
  • managing external relations including with Government, the GLA and local and regional bodies
  • managing the council’s relations with key stakeholders, partners and investors
  • holding the council’s Chief Executive to account.

The Leader also oversees communications and public awareness campaigns.

She is responsible for embedding equalities across all areas of council policy and oversees council strategy to deliver the ambitious recommendations of the council’s Equality Commission.

Deputy leaders

Working with the Leader of the Council, the Deputy Leaders work across all areas providing support in the political and strategic leadership of the council.

The statutory deputy is the Deputy Leader for Children and Young People.

Deputy Leader of the Council (Children and Young People) - Councillor Jennifer Brathwaite

Councillor Jennifer Brathwaite Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite is also responsible for delivering our commitment to giving young people the best start in life.

That includes the statutory role of lead member for children’s services, powers and duties in relation to children looked after, and our commitment to improving the care of the borough’s most vulnerable children and young people.

Responsible for:

  • statutory lead member for children’s services role, including responsibility for corporate parenting, child protection, children with disabilities and protecting children from sexual exploitation
  • commissioning Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) with Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group
  • special education needs services
  • tackling child poverty
  • Lambeth Early Action Partnership (LEAP) programme
  • overseeing youth, play and early years services, including children’s centres, one o’clock clubs and adventure playgrounds, and the Coop Youth and Play Programme
  • working with the Young Lambeth Cooperative (YLC) to ensure young people are at the heart of decisions on the youth services provided in the borough.

Deputy Leader for Jobs, Skills and Performance - Councillor Jack Hopkins

Jack Hopkins Cllr Hopkins oversees the implementation of the administration’s manifesto commitments, core council strategies, including the Borough Plan and monitoring performance.

He is also responsible for the council’s ambitious agenda to increase jobs, skills and apprenticeships for Lambeth residents.

Responsible for:

  • the Programme of the Council: implementation of business plans and delivery of the Administration’s manifesto commitments
  • performance management across the council
  • developing and delivering our apprenticeship programme in order to achieve our target of creating 1,500 apprenticeship opportunities over the next four years
  • delivery of a dedicated apprenticeships advice service and online brokerage to make it easier and simpler for young people to access opportunities
  • employment opportunities for vulnerable adults and people with disabilities
  • adult learning, training and skills
  • post-16 education, training and skills for employment in schools, colleges and other settings
  • directing the council’s employment programmes to provide increased opportunities for the long-term unemployed and those with complex needs
  • overseeing Lambeth Working and Pathways to Employment to ensure that our jobs strategy helps those in need
  • workforce matters including human resources, trade union relations and developing a BAME leadership programme for council staff.

Cabinet Member for Planning, Investment and New Homes - Councillor Matthew Bennett

Matthew Bennett Cllr Matthew Bennett is lead member for planning and leads on economic growth, strategic infrastructure, regeneration and the delivery of new homes in the borough.

As lead member for planning Cllr Bennett is responsible for ensuring that Lambeth’s planning policy delivers sustainable growth, maximises the number of genuinely affordable new homes for local people and that the benefits from growth are fairly shared across the borough.

Cllr Bennett is responsible for the borough’s economic development and growth, ensuring that Lambeth is a good place for businesses to thrive. He is responsible for regeneration schemes, including strategic infrastructure and transport.

The council is committed to an ambitious programme of building new genuinely affordable homes at council rent. Matthew is responsible for the council’s wholly owned housing company, Homes for Lambeth, and for delivering our estate regeneration schemes, strategic housing projects and the small sites programme.

Responsible for:

  • Lead member for Planning
  • Housing strategy and delivery; including affordable housing and housing growth and exploring new models for financing and delivering more homes.
  • Working with partners, including housing associations, to deliver more affordable homes
  • Leadership of the borough’s own house building programme; including estate regeneration schemes, building 1,000 new council homes, Homes for Lambeth and delivery of all new housing schemes including the small sites programme
  • Overseeing the borough’s strategic infrastructure needs; strategic transport planning and transport infrastructure; implementation of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and delivering Cooperative Local Investment Plans (CLIPs) to ensure the proceeds of growth are fairly shared across the borough
  • Economic development including boosting trade in town centres; supporting small businesses, markets and Business Improvement Districts
  • Regeneration schemes across the borough including transport schemes (Vauxhall and Waterloo), Future Brixton, visioning West Norwood and working with the Leader on Vauxhall Nine Elms Battersea.

Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care - Councillors Edward Davie and Jacqui Dyer (job share)

Edward Davie Jacqui Dyer

Cllrs Davie and Dyer are responsible for health and adult social care and work together and with colleagues to ensure safe, efficient and effective services. Their strategic focus is to reduce health inequalities so that more residents enjoy longer, healthier lives.

Key to achieving that aim is listening to and empowering our communities, service users and carers particularly those from deprived communities.

They are responsible for deepening integration between adult social care and health services to deliver more efficient and joined-up services and leading on how the council and its partners work together to improve outcomes and reduce health inequalities.

They are responsible for promoting public health in all polices, adult preventative healthcare, healthy lifestyles, preventing disease and improving general health.

Responsible for:

  • statutory responsibility for adult social care of older people, people with disabilities and those with mental health issues
  • safeguarding and monitoring performance of all aspects of social care services for adults across the council and its partners
  • implementation of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy
  • public Health services and promoting public health in all policies
  • leading on the pan-London HIV prevention programme and the Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham sexual health strategy
  • developing a carers’ strategy to improve the quality of life, health and wellbeing of carers
  • integrating health and adult social care with NHS bodies
  • overseeing nationally directed changes to adult social care
  • leading the mental health strategy and mental health services
  • supporting implementation of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy, supporting the lead on how the council and its partners work together to improve outcomes and reduce health inequalities, with particular attention to mental health
  • ensuring the council is effectively planning and delivering long term care for people with disabilities, including those children who require support throughout their lives.

Cabinet Member for the Voluntary Sector, Partnerships and Community Safety - Councillors Jim Dickson and Mohammed Seedat (job share)

Jim Dickson Mohammed Seedat Cllr Jim Dickson and Cllr Mohammed Seedat are responsible for leading on the borough’s strategic partnerships, working with key partners in Lambeth to deliver on the outcomes in our Borough Plan.

They are responsible for working with the voluntary sector, community hubs and forums to develop a voluntary sector strategy for the borough and for our work with the voluntary sector to ensure our most vulnerable residents are protected and supported through significant national changes to the welfare system.

The council has embarked an ambitious programme to modernise as an organisation and to modernise our services to respond to residents’ needs and our continued financial pressure due to government cuts. Cllrs Dickson and Seedat are responsible for leading on this organisational redesign programme, ensuring the council is more customer focused, more efficient and has an improved digital offer for residents.

Keeping Lambeth residents safe is our top priority: Cllrs Dickson and Seedat will lead on our work with the community, the police, our partners and the Mayor of London to combat crime in Lambeth. That includes youth violence, community safety, crime reduction programmes, tackling violence against women and girls and tackling anti-social behaviour and hate crime.

Responsible for:

  • Lambeth’s voluntary sector strategy, support for the voluntary sector and the community asset transfer strategy
  • implementing the council’s flagship financial resilience strategy
  • overseeing the borough’s strategic partnerships including the Lambeth First Executive (LSP), the Health and Wellbeing Board and Safer Lambeth Partnership
  • developing a sponsorship and fundraising strategy to support the delivery of the borough plan
  • democratic services, including electoral registration and legal services
  • digital transformation, including customer services
  • tackling anti-social behaviour
  • tackling hate crime, domestic violence and anti-social behaviour
  • overseeing our highly regarded Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy (VAWG)
  • community safeguarding and the council’s enforcement functions including Trading Standards, Licensing and Noise Nuisance
  • overseeing the Youth Offending Service (YOS) and gang intervention work
  • developing a new youth violence strategy using a public health approach to tackling the root causes of violent crime.

Cabinet Member for Housing - Councillor Paul Gadsby

Paul Gadsby Cllr Paul Gadsby is responsible for housing management services, including working with tenants and leaseholders, tackling homelessness and delivering decent homes for all tenants.

He is also responsible for delivering the council’s commitments to improving the quality and security of the private rented sector.

Responsible for:

  • housing management services and fire safety
  • managing the capital investment (LHS) programme to ensure delivery of decent homes for all housing tenants
  • overseeing the management of the Housing Revenue Account
  • overseeing Lambeth’s homelessness, rough sleeping and temporary accommodation services
  • tackling homelessness and rough sleeping by overseeing the building of pop-up housing to quickly house homeless families and overseeing investment in better advice and support for people facing homelessness
  • improving the advice and support available to people living in the private rented sector
  • introducing a new private renters’ charter setting out renters’ rights and Lambeth’s powers to intervene
  • overseeing tenant engagement and rent setting
  • ensuring a high standard of leaseholder engagement to improve the transparency and performance of the major works programme
  • overseeing the delivery of new resident boards and estate action plans to give tenants opportunities to scrutinize performance of contractors and the housing service
  • Registered Social Landlords and House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) licensing
  • the council’s older people’s housing schemes, sheltered housing and extra care housing across the borough.

Cabinet Member for Environment and Clean Air - Councillor Claire Holland

Claire Holland Cllr Claire Holland is responsible for improving all aspects of the local environment so residents can enjoy a cleaner and greener borough. She works with communities and residents to stimulate behaviour change and promote sustainability, cleaner air and cleaner streets.

Cllr Holland leads on efforts to increase recycling rates and promote cycling. To combat air pollution she will oversee the installation of a new network of electric charging points, the planting of 1,000 new trees and installing clean air green screens at local primary schools.

The Cabinet Member will also be responsible for the borough’s road maintenance programme, continuing the council’s investment in repairing roads and pavements to make them safe for pedestrians and cyclists. She will also oversee action to tackle enviro-crimes such as fly-tipping, littering and spitting.

Responsible for:

  • increasing recycling rates and overseeing the council’s waste strategy and street cleaning services
  • tackling environmental crime including fly-tipping, littering and dog fouling
  • tackling air pollution and overseeing the delivery of clean air green screens at local primary schools and the tree planting programme
  • promoting sustainability, overseeing the installation of a new network of electric car charging points and leading on efforts to reduce carbon as Lambeth seeks to become carbon neutral by 2050
  • making Lambeth the most cycle friendly borough in London, improving road safety, signage and street lighting
  • overseeing the borough’s parking needs, including traffic management, enforcement and Controlled Parking Zones
  • overseeing a programme of road maintenance and repair through the capital investment programme
  • delivering public realm improvements to Lambeth’s public spaces, including the council’s community-led ‘Our Streets’ programme
  • delivering local transport schemes, overseeing the implementation of Lambeth’s long term transport strategy and lobbying for improvements to Lambeth’s rail network
  • utilities and contractor relations
  • Championing affordable energy, including local schemes.

Cabinet Member for Finance - Councillor Andy Wilson

Andy Wilson Cllr Wilson is responsible for oversight of the council’s strategic financial management. This includes setting a balanced budget and monitoring the delivery of the capital investment programme.

The council faces significant financial pressure over the next few years as a result of central government funding cuts. Cllr Wilson is responsible for ensuring the council’s financial strategy can meet reforms to local government finance, including business rates reform.

He also leads on the ambitious capital investment strategy, ensuring investment supports the delivery of the key outcomes identified in the Borough Plan, and on generating new income through investment, opportunity asset sites and adopting a corporate commercial framework or trading approach where appropriate.

Cllr Wilson leads on the council’s commitments as a London Living Wage Employer, including encouraging all Lambeth businesses to pay the Living Wage and our work with local Business Improvement Districts to promote Living Wage Zones.

Responsible for:

  • the council's financial strategy, including budget setting, budget monitoring, financial policy and performance
  • revenue collection, business rates, council tax and benefits and Council Tax Support (CTS) underpinned by the council’s Income and Debt Strategy
  • generating new income through investment, opportunity asset sites and adopting a corporate commercial framework or trading approach where appropriate
  • capital investment programme, property management and asset strategies
  • the council’s commitments as a London Living Wage employer
  • ensuring the council’s commissioning and procurement strategies provides social value through all of its activity and contracts
  • responsible for oversight of the council’s strategic financial management. This includes setting a balanced budget and monitoring the delivery of the capital investment programme
  • the council’s Pension Fund.

Cabinet Member for Culture and Equalities - Councillor Sonia Winifred

Sonia Winifred Cllr Sonia Winifred is responsible for the strategic approach to Lambeth’s rich and diverse cultural and tourism sectors. Cllr Sonia Winifred works with community groups to support the thriving arts and cultural communities. She is responsible for Lambeth’s library services and for our maintaining our fantastic parks and open spaces.

Lambeth is an open and welcoming borough where people care about one another and we celebrate our diversity. Cllr Sonia Winifred is responsible for working with partners across the borough to make Lambeth more equal in including embedding equalities into all parts of the council’s work and delivering the work of the Equalities Commission and overseeing Equalities Impact Assessments.

Responsible for:

  • libraries, including delivering the opening of the new West Norwood Library
  • overseeing the development of a new modern archives service for the borough
  • the borough’s parks, local food production and community composting schemes
  • registrars, cemeteries and crematorium services
  • working with organisations in the borough’s thriving arts and cultural communities including the Black Cultural Archives
  • delivering the events strategy
  • overseeing sports and leisure
  • delivering the work of the Equalities Commission and overseeing Equalities Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • celebrating our borough’s diversity, for example leading on the delivering the celebrations of the Windrush 70
  • chair of the Equalities Impact Assessment Panel.

Deputy Cabinet members

Deputy Cabinet Members are responsible for working closely with the appropriate Cabinet Member, undertaking specific projects to drive process in these areas and deputising where agreed.

  • Councillor Ben Kind, Deputy Cabinet Member for Schools, reporting to Councillor Jennifer Brathwaite
  • Councillor Jane Pickard, Deputy Cabinet Member for Youth and Play, reporting to Councillor Jennifer Brathwaite
  • Councillor Tina Valcarcel, Deputy Cabinet Member for Disability, reporting to Councillor Sonia Winfred.

Policy leads

  • Sustainability - Councillor Malcolm Clark, reporting to Councillor Jack Hopkins
  • Living Wage - Councillor Jon Davies, reporting to Councillor Jack Hopkins
  • Private Rented Sector - Councillor Anna Birley, reporting to Councillor Jack Hopkins

Cabinet - meetings, agendas and further information

All councillors, contact details and surgery details

5. Opposition group spokespersons

The opposition spokesperson is Green group leader Councillor Jonathan Bartley