Electors can request either a postal or proxy vote to enable them to cast their ballot in elections, despite being away on polling day.

There are instances where electors may not be able to vote at their designated polling station on the day of poll. Common reasons include being away for work, illness, a holiday or attending university.

Voting by post

If you wish to vote by post, you must apply for a postal vote.

Apply for a postal vote

You can apply to vote by post:

  • for a single election on a specific date
  • for a specific period if you want to vote in England, Scotland or Wales
  • permanently.

If you want to vote by post in the General Election on 12 December, you must apply by 5pm on 26 November to receive your postal voting pack. Your postal vote must then arrive at your Electoral Office in the UK by 10pm on 12 December.

If you’re too late to post your ballot paper, take it to either your local polling station or Lambeth Town Hall by 10pm on 12 December.

Voting by proxy

If you’re unable to vote in person you can ask someone to vote on your behalf. This is called a proxy vote.

You can apply for a proxy vote using the form to apply for a proxy vote. You need to return this to Lambeth Council.

You need to apply by 5pm on 4 December to vote by proxy in the General Election on 12 December.

Important information

Within Lambeth, the first batch of postal votes for UK electors are due to be sent around Friday 22 November, this will be for electors registered for a postal vote by Wednesday 13 November.

The second dispatch will take place on Monday 2 December and will include ballot packs for all electors who registered for a postal vote after Thursday 14 November and up to the deadline of 5pm, on Tuesday 26 November.

There is no guarantee that a postal ballot pack will reach certain addresses in enough time to allow it to be returned by 10pm on 12 December. Please give this consideration when making your application. You may wish to opt for a proxy vote if you are concerned a postal ballot pack will not reach you in time.

Key dates

UK Parliamentary General Election Date
Deadline to register to vote 26 November (Midnight)
Deadline to apply to vote by post or to make changes to an existing postal or proxy vote 26 November (5pm)
Deadline to apply to vote by proxy 4 December (5pm)
First date that electors can apply for replacements for lost postal votes 6 December
Polling day 12 December (Hours of Poll: 7am-10pm)
Declaration of result 13 December

Please return forms to:

London Borough of Lambeth
Electoral Services
Town Hall
2 Brixton Hill
London SW2 1RW
Email: postalvotes@lambeth.gov.uk