The ICT Strategy 2012 - 2015 sets out the strategic direction for the use of ICT to enable us as a cooperative council.

It builds on service improvements achieved over the period of the previous 2009 - 2012 ICT Strategy and recognises the many opportunities arising from technological advances.

The renewed strategy provides the framework for engaging with partners within the council, and across new alternative service delivery vehicles (such as 'spin offs', mutuals etc) to shape the appropriate use of technology and enable the achievement of their business goals.

Our core vision is to enable the delivery of council services through a variety of alternative service delivery vehicles using - any device, anywhere, any time. The strategy has four principles that will be used to guide the delivery of ICT across the cooperative council:

Available: flexible infrastructure and commoditised ICT services will help us achieve cooperative ambitions.

Agile: an adaptable workforce and flexible technology will support rapid business change.

Secure: better awareness of, and help in meeting, responsibilities will make the most of information we and our partners are entrusted with.

Affordable: base level technology solutions that meet (and don't exceed) business needs.


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