Hypnotic image radiating multicoloured peacock feather shapes

Proving science and art can work together with a talk about the human brain, a live demonstration of hypnotism, film and poetry.

The last of three events leading up to the Pint of Science festival (15-17 May 2017). Dr Eamonn Walsh from King’s College talks about hypnosis and whether some brains are more susceptible to verbal suggestion. Stuart Ashing, who has hypnotised over 60,000 people on stage since the 1990s, will conduct a live demonstration.

Artists’ and filmmakers’ work will also be displayed: Denise Alder focuses on social constructionism and Jungian psychology. Hannah Gardiner uses performance, video and socially engaging artwork to explore art as a shared experience and the role of imagination in transformation. Seki Lynch and Francis Byrne will perform live poetry inspired by the night’s theme of hypnosis.

The three-day Pint of Science festival takes place annually in pubs across the world, all at the same time. .

Event details

£12 booking via Eventbrite
Thursday 23 March 20177pm to 10.30 pm (doors open at 6pm)
The Clapham Grand
21-25 St John's Hill
SW11 1TT
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