Bike Maintenance Courses

Learn Bike Maintenance Skills!

This is a Basic Bike Maintenance Class, suitable for anyone wanting to learn how to keep a bike in good working order. Learn how to fix a puncture, adjust brakes, index gears and lubricate your chain correctly.

Basic Bike Maintenance Class Syllabus:-

Morning: Session 1 - 10:30 to 12:45 • M check - Outlining the parts of the bike • Wheels - Removal and replacement • Tyres - Removal and replacement • Puncture Repair - Wheel off / Puncture repair / Wheel on • Gear Adjustment - Indexing

Lunch: 12:45am to 13:15pm

Afternoon: Session 2 - 13:15 to 15:30 • Gears Adjustment - Refresh • Brakes - Pad replacement / Adjustment • Cable and Chain lubrication • ‘Knowing your bike’ - Correct tools and simple checks required to keep your bike road worthy • Feedback sheets

NB. This is a hands on course so please bring your own bike to work on and wear suitable clothing. Expect to get your hands dirty!

Event details

Event cost: 
£18.00 per head
Last event: 
Saturday 9 March 2019
10.30am to 15.30pm
Cycle Confident Training Centre
Unit 3 Canterbury Court