This is an event to discuss and gather evidence about persistent inequalities in relation to crime and justice in the borough. We want to better understand the issues and need your help to do it.

Come and tell us what you think are some of the main causes of inequalities in relation to crime and justice. We want to better understand the effects of inequality in this area as well as identify solutions.

Lambeth suffers high levels of violent crime compared to the rest of London and the country more widely. There are particular groups of residents who are more likely to be victims of certain crimes in Lambeth, as elsewhere. Women are more likely to be victims of harassment, sexual violence or violence at the hands a partner, whilst men are more likely to be victims of serious wounding, knife and gun crime and robbery. Older children and young people are more likely to be victims of knife crime, gang violence and some sexual offences. Deprivation is also a strong risk factor for being a victim of violent crime, with residents of deprived communities being five times more likely to be admitted for emergency hospital treatment following a violent crime. Victims of crime are disproportionality likely to be African, Caribbean, Black or Mixed Race. Black African, Black Caribbean, Black or Mixed Race residents are also more likely to be suspected of many types of crime and for many crimes are more likely to be charged.

We are keen to understand why these issues persist and will host this open event for all to come along and have their say.

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About the Lambeth Equality Commission

Lambeth’s Equality Commission will be hosting four events between November 2016 to January 2017 to take a deeper look into the reasons behind persistent inequalities in the borough. Each event will focus on one of four themes; education and learning, income and employment, participation, representation and leadership and crime and justice. If you or someone you know would like to give evidence in person and hear more about the work of the commission please come along to one or more of our events.

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Event details

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FREE but booking required
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Saturday 28 January 2017
1pm till 3pm
14 Baylis Road