Dr Bike

Are you not cycling because your bike has a minor maintenance issue? Bring it along to your local Lambeth Dr Bike session and get it fixed for free!

Lambeth is sending Cycle Confident bike mechanics to every West Norwood Feast in 2019. We want people to continue cycling even if their bikes have been allowed to get into a state of disrepair. Bring your bike along to one of the events and the mechanics will spend 15 minutes checking it for roadworthiness and fixing any minor issues they can in the allotted time. If there are more serious problems the mechanic will advise you of the issues so you can take your bike to a local bike shop armed with the relevant knowledge.

Event details

Sunday 1 December 201912.30-3.30pm
West Norwood Feast
Norwood Road
West Norwood
SE27 9DL
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