Lambeth Bike Market

Bring your disused bikes to sell or buy a quality assured second hand bike at a great price at our Bike Markets in Brockwell Park.

Do you have a bike that you don't use? Have your kids outgrown their bikes? Bring them along to sell at our monthly bike market.

Need a bike but don't want to fork out for a brand new one? Need a bigger bike for your kid?

At our bike market run by the fabulous Peddle My Wheels you can sell your bike and keep the full price if sold on the day or 20% less if sold at another event. We have lots of bikes for sale for all shapes and sizes at a great price, quality assured. Get cycling, get your 20 minutes a day, help reduce your impact.

Visit the website below to let us know what sort of bike you are after and the date of the market you want to attend and we will do our best to bring a suitable bike for you.

Event details

FREE (bikes at a good price)
Saturday 14 December 201910am-4pm
Brockwell Hall
Brockwell Park
SE24 9AF
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