Join Will Eaves (Murmur) and Jennifer Hodgson (Ed. The Unmapped Country: an anthology of Ann Quin writings) to discuss their recent books and the writing of queer lives.

Murmur is based on Alan Turing’s experience during the period of his punishment for gross indecency, when he went to hospital weekly and quietly submitted himself to the injection of hormones that effected chemical castration. The cryptanalyst who, at Bletchley, had programmed machines to break the German naval code now applies himself to the cipher of his own trance-like visions.

In The Unmapped Country Jennifer Hodgson edits the unpublished writing by the cult 1960s author Ann Quin and explores the risks and seductions of going over the edge. The stories cut an alternative path across innovative twentieth-century writing, bridging the world of Virginia Woolf and Anna Kavan with that of Kathy Acker and Chris Kraus.

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Wednesday 27 February 20197pm
Brixton Oval