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Year four welcomes back Battle of the Nations for the second London Tournament of full contact medieval combat. “Sharkey”, the London Champion, will defend his crown. All the usual attractions will be present, Punch and Judy, Falconry, archery (bigger and better because the queues were so long last year), Morris Dancers, the lass who did the kids races (she was great) and full contact fighting in Steel Henge (did we mention this?). A medieval market will spring up, do you want to buy a sword? go and see the blacksmith. The idea is to take orders for weaponry and have them made, each stage, the hilt, the blade, the bindings and the sheath, on the day, in front of your eyes and you can collect the finished article at the end. This can be a shield, a knife, an axe, a sword to take home with you as a piece of art. Maybe you can have your existing arms (cutlery?) cleaned and sharpened on a whetstone, an incredible opportunity to see traditional crafts at work in the heart of London. There will be fletchers, weavers, women washing clothes in traditional dress and theatre. Wooden swords and shields will be available for the kids. A giant pig will be cooked on a spit in a field, which we will then eat. There will be an ale and mead tent and we will drink. Come in costume and we will sing!

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Saturday 23 April 2016
Tyers Street
SE11 5HL