Your future - Be proactive, don't just search the internet, meet employers, attend workshops and find which career path suits you.

Big Careers Day

Looking for career choices?

The Big Careers Day provides the perfect opportunity to help you confidently make the right decision about your future career or education.

So if you're leaving school or college, a parent or currently unemployed, and wandering what to do or need help with deciding then this event is for you!

The day will help with your choice for:

  • apprenticeships
  • becoming an entrepreneur
  • going to college and university.

Employer experts at the job fair will have live vacancies available and you will have the opportunity to visit a broad range of career and education workshops to ask questions and get answers throughout the day including:

  • applying for universities and colleges
  • preparing for success
  • finding out more about apprenticeships
  • effective communication skills

Event details

Wednesday 4 July 201811am to 3pm
45 Clapham Common South Side