The area has a world class arts and entertainment centre on the South Bank and a buzzing nightlife scene at Vauxhall, particularly serving the gay community.

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1. What matters to Vauxhall & Waterloo residents

Discover an overview of what matters to residents in North Lambeth (of which Vauxhall & Waterloo are part), their levels of satisfaction with the area, perceptions of change & neighbourliness, safety & crime and health, what Council services they use, their perceptions of the Council and how they want to work with other people.

You can also download a full size version of the infographic below which provides a visual summary of the priorities for North Lambeth residents.


2. What we know about our wards

The Ward Profiles and Atlas Tool provide a range of demographic data for each ward. It is designed to provide an overview of the population in these areas by presenting data on the population, diversity, households, life expectancy, housing, crime, benefits, land use, deprivation & employment.

The Ward Profiles present summary measures for the most recent year. This is a useful tool for displaying a large amount of data for numerous geographies.

The Ward Atlas presents a more detailed version of the data including trend data and generally includes the raw numbers as opposed to percentages or rates.

You can also read a profile for each ward in our State of the Wards 2016