Answer the questions on this page to find out if you need an HMO property licence.

Before you start

When you check to see if you need a licence, you'll be asked how many households live at your property.

A household can be:

  • a single person
  • a couple that are in a relationship living together
  • members of the same family who live together.

A house can have more than one household.

For example, if two couples live in the house, this would be two households, another example is where five people not related or in a relationship live in an HMO, this would be five households.

Please note that due to coronavirus we are operating a reduced service, as many of our officers are working to respond to the pandemic and keep the public safe. This means it will take longer to deal with your request than usual. Thank you for your patience.

Find out if you need an HMO licence

Your property doesn't need a licence.

Your property doesn't need a licence.

Your property falls under the HMO licensing scheme. Please apply for a property licence now.

Planning consent

If there are 7 or more people living in your HMO, you'll also need to apply for planning permission for this separately from applying for an HMO licence.

Under planning rules, large HMOs are properties occupied by more than 6 unrelated individuals who share basic amenities such as a kitchen or bathroom facilities. They are classified as ‘sui generis’ (a use like no other) and always require planning permission.

Find out more about use classes and change of use on the Planning Portal website.

This property doesn't need a licence but should comply with:

All properties require an inspection by an environmental health officer or surveyor to ensure that they meet the requirement of the above standards.