The council is committed to supporting cleaner vehicle technology to reduce the impact of emissions from motor vehicles in the borough. As part of this we are currently exploring a number of options to enable residents and businesses to charge electric vehicles where the option to charge on private land is limited.

The council has allocated £200K to support the roll-out of fast charging points in 2017/18 (these can charge a typical EV in 3-4 hours). We have recently completed a tender exercise and appointed a supplier for stand alone, on-street charging points in the borough. The initial focus will be the provision of dual purpose charging points serving both car club cars and private vehicles. Approximately 30 charging points are expected to be delivered by May 2018. Each charge point can charge 2 cars simultaneously.

Transport for London (TfL) is also in the process of appointing a supplier that boroughs can use for the provision of charging points (stand alone and lamp column). TfL are administering Go Ultra Low Cities (GULCs) funding for London boroughs and Lambeth has been awarded £247K from this fund. Depending on the offer provided by TfL's appointed supplier, Lambeth may use this contract or continue with its own procurement. TfL expect that they will appoint a supplier in early 2018.

TfL has also developed a procurement framework and secured funding for Rapid Charging Points (these can charge a typical EV in around 30 minutes) - we are currently working with TfL to identify and deliver sites for these in Lambeth. The first rapid charge points are expected to be delivered by summer 2018.

Lamp column charging

We are working with our lighting contractor to deliver a trial of charging using lamp columns. Around 20 lamp columns have been converted to allow charging to take place using a Smart cable provided to the user (this method can charge a typical EV in 7-8 hours). The trial concludes in December 2017.

Other options

Due to concerns around health and safety we are not currently able to support / promote the trialling of cables across the public highway to charge EVs.

We continue to review other options in this rapidly developing field.

While the above discussions are taking place we are logging all requests in our evidence base for reference when agreeing future locations for charging points. Please complete the form if you would like to register you interest in being considered for an electric vehicle charging point.

Please note that completing this form does not automatically mean that an electric charging point is installed at your requested location as the decision will be based on geographical need and demand, and the assessment of accessibility and logistics.

For details of your nearest charging point please see

Any specific enquiries about the Electric Vehicle Charging Points project should be directed to the following email address: Please note that no update on the status of your request will be provided via email.

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