If you are concerned about a parked vehicle, you can contact us to investigate. We will arrange for a Civil Enforcement Officer on duty nearby to visit the location as soon as possible and if appropriate, issue a Penalty Charge Notice.

We cannot enforce parking contraventions on red routes, please contact Transport for London.

A vehicle displaying a blue disabled badge and time clock can park on single or double yellow lines for up to three hours, where there are no loading or unloading restrictions in place (indicated by yellow kerb markings or mentioned on the sign plates).

We can take action on vehicles parked:

  • in a formalised disabled bay designated for disabled users without the appropriate permit
  • on double yellow lines
  • on single yellow lines during hours of operation
  • over a dropped kerb
  • in a resident’s bay without a valid permit
  • on pavements or verges
  • in a suspended bay or space.

If you believe a vehicle may have been abandoned, you can tell us using the Report an abandoned vehicle form.

A vehicle may not be displaying a pay and display ticket but may still have paid for a valid parking session using Pay by Phone.

We will only enforce a dropped kerb outside your property if we receive a request from the resident at the property.

We can't enforce parking contraventions:

  • on red routes, this is the responsibility of Transport for London
  • on private land, this includes private housing estates.
Your personal details

Your contact details are required if you are requesting enforcement of a dropped kerb outside your property.

About the vehicle and where it is

If the street is not on the list, please scroll to the bottom and select 'Other'.

Please note if you are reporting on a Lambeth Housing Estate this service is only available Monday to Friday.

We only enforce single yellow lines during times stated on the time plate.

Please note a disabled badge holder is allowed to park on either single or double yellow line for up to three hours when displaying blue badge and time clock however a civil enforcement officer will be deployed to log and observe the vehicle for the permitted period.

Disabled bays are for the use of any disabled badge holder, they are not specifically for one resident. If the vehicle is displaying a blue badge please do not submit this form.

Please provide your suspension reference number, starting LSS00. This is provided with your receipt / email
If possible, please upload a photo of the vehicle.
Files must be less than 16 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png mov mp3.