Before you start

If I'm granted permission to keep the pet, I agree to abide by the following conditions:

  • I will not keep more than 2 dogs or 2 cats
  • I will inform you immediately of any change to microchip information
  • I agree to reimburse you of the costs you may incur if you have to clean up after a pet, or repair damage caused a pet, which is owned by me, a member of my household, lodger or visitor
  • I understand that any breach of these conditions will be regarded as a breach of my tenancy agreement which may place my home at risk. I acknowledge it is desirable to have pets insurance and you have encouraged me to have a policy that protects me from third party liability
  • I understand that permission may be withdrawn at any time.

If I keep a dog, it will:

  • wear a name tag with contact details when in public places
  • be kept on a lead in public places, at all times
  • not cause nuisance
  • not foul or damage council owned property including communal areas and fixtures and fittings
  • not be used for breeding purposes in the property or in the locality.