Please read the terms and conditions for housing estate parking virtual permits


  1. The permit is only valid for the vehicle stated on it or as registered on your online account
  2. The permit / e-permit must be used within the housing estate it is issued for
  3. Only residents of the London Borough of Lambeth can apply for and purchase a resident permit for their address that falls within the boundaries of a Traffic Management Order (TMO).
  4. Resident permits will be issued for one year
  5. For your address to qualify as your 'main residence' you would normally spend approximately four nights a week there and pay the relevant Council Tax
  6. If a valid paper permit has been issued it must be clearly displayed in the windscreen of the vehicle it relates to. Failure to display may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice. Where a virtual permit has been issued, there is no need to display anything. However, residents must ensure the permit application has been submitted and approved by the council. This will be evidenced by a permit reference number which is available from the permits holder’s online account.
  7. The parking of and the issuing of permits to vehicles more than 2 metres high, 1.83 metres wide or 4.8 metres long require written permission from Lambeth Housing Management.
  8. The maximum number of permits that can be purchased per household will depend on the restrictions applied on the estate
  9. A parking permit allows the holder to park a vehicle in authorised areas on the estate; however, Lambeth Housing Management cannot guarantee the availability of a parking space.
  10. Lambeth Housing Management and its contractors/agents reserve the right to remove any vehicle parked on its property which does not possess a current road fund licence, or has a SORN declaration without the written permission of Lambeth Housing Management, or is parked in a designated no parking area, which includes yellow lines.
  11. The police or a duly authorised officer may suspend the use of parking spaces
  12. Residents with more than a week rent arrears and leaseholders with more than one month’s service charges in arrears are not permitted to apply for an annual resident permit. Exceptions may be made if resident has an agreement to pay off rent or service charge arrears and have kept to the agreement for six months or more
  13. The online processes for applying must be completed each time a permit is requested, including the renewal of an existing permit
  14. The Council will not issue a reminder notification when an (e)permit expires. Responsibility rests with the holder to reapply using their individual online account.

Refund and changes

  1. If an e-permit is longer required, it should be cancelled online. No refund will be issued for unused time on permits.
  2. If the correct evidence is not supplied within 30 days, an application will be cancelled with no refund given.
  3. A full refund will be issued if Parking Services have not been able to process and approve an application because the criteria have not been met.
  4. No refunds will be issued for virtual visitor permits.
  5. Vehicle details may be changed and updated on a current annual estate permit. Proof that the permit holder is the new keeper and user of the vehicle must be provided. An administration fee of £11 is charged to change the vehicle details on an estate permit.
  6. Permits cannot be transferred if a resident has moved outside of the borough or to a Lambeth address that is not within the current enforced housing estate for the permit.
  7. Permits cannot be transferred from one person to another.
  8. Residents are responsible for updating the vehicle details on their online account if they have changed.


  1. From time to time it may be necessary to suspend a parking bay, this is normally due to road works being carried out by the utility companies, such as gas or electricity. During the period for which the bay is suspended, parking is not permitted in the bay. Even if a valid permit is displayed / exists a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) will still be issued and the vehicle may be towed away.
  2. It is the permit holder's responsibility to ensure that the bay in which their vehicle is parked is not suspended during the time their vehicle is there.

Paying online

  1. Payment for all our permits can be made online at the time of your application, by credit/debit card. Where we are not able to validate your application electronically through our third-party credit reference agency, we will ask you to submit (either electronically or by post) your paper proofs to complete the application. If you choose to proceed with your application, we will ask you to pay the full price for the permit you have selected. However, failure to supply the remaining proof documents or that a fraudulent application has taken place within one month of the application will result in the permit being cancelled without refund.
  2. Payments at the Customer Centre - We can only take payments by cheque, postal order or debit/credit card at the Customer Centre. We cannot accept payment by cash. This is by appointment only.
  3. Purchasing a permit does not guarantee you parking outside of your home.

Foreign registered vehicles

  1. Annual estate permits are not issued to foreign registered vehicles.


  1. Motorcycles are not required to have an annual estate or visitor permit to park on an enforced estate; however, motorcycles must be parked in an appropriate bay and possess tax and insurance, or they may be removed and/ or issued with a PCN.

Blue badges

  1. If an applicant for an annual estate permit possesses a blue badge, or if a member of their household has a blue badge, they may apply for an annual permit free of charge.
  2. In addition to the standard proofs requested, the following should also be provided: • Blue Badge (registered to applicant’s address) • Proof of address for the Blue Badge holder

Permit criteria

  1. You must provide proof that you are the keeper and user of the vehicle for estate resident permits. The following documents must be uploaded: • Vehicle registration document - this will only apply if you are the registered keeper of the vehicle and will only be accepted if the vehicle is registered to the estate address. • Current car insurance document (certificate and schedule) - this must show your name, the vehicle's registration number and must confirm that the vehicle is insured to be kept at your TMO address. Please provide all pages of the document as the required information may not be shown on one page. Temporary cover notes or certificates valid for less than 30 days will not be accepted. • Hiring/leasing agreement - if you hire or lease a vehicle, you must submit a copy of the current agreement. The agreement must show your name, estate address, the vehicle's registration number and give the name and address of the hire/leasing company. • Company letter - If you drive a company vehicle, you must submit a typed letter on company headed paper signed by your employer and dated within the last 3 months. The letter must include your name and address, your job title and the vehicle's make and registration number. It should also confirm that you are the sole user of the vehicle and whether the company owns or leases the car. If the company owns the vehicle a copy of the vehicle registration document must be provided.
  2. If the car is leased, a copy of the lease agreement is required. If your company uses a fleet management specialist, a letter from them will be accepted; however, it must include the information requested above and confirm the name of the company you work for.


  1. When applying online we carry out verification of you at your address. If successful, you will not need to provide any further information. If we have been unable to verify your details automatically, you will be asked to upload evidence that applies to your circumstance. Please note that the evidence must be uploaded to your account within 30 days of making your application. Failure to supply the remaining proof documents within this time will result in your permit being rejected without a refund. • Please provide the following. This can be uploaded onto the online account.
  2. To prove you are the keeper of the vehicle: • Vehicle Registration Document (V5/C) OR valid Insurance schedule • If you are hiring a vehicle - hiring/lease agreement • Company Letter - if you drive a company car
  3. Also, two items from the list below as proof of address, these need to be for the address you are applying for a permit at: • Driving licence (registered to current address) • Current Lambeth council tax document • Utility bill - dated within the last 3 months (mobile phone bills will not be accepted) • Signed current formal tenancy agreement • Bank/Credit Card Statement (dated within the last few months) • Valid home contents insurance policy • An electoral canvas form or polling card - dated in the last year
  4. You will be able to scan your proofs (or take a photo of them) as part of this application and upload them to your online account.

Online checks

  1. For resident permit applications, we process your application online. This means we need to validate the details you provide with us electronically. To do this we will attempt to verify your identity using a third-party credit reference agency.
  2. The agency will check the details you supply against any particulars on any database (public or otherwise) to which they have access. A record of the search will be retained but will not be visible to other parties or affect your credit record.

Estate resident e-permit conditions

  1. E-permits can only be used by the vehicle that is registered on your online account. E-permits should only be used in the estate it has been allocated for. E-permits will allow holders to park in marked bays on the estate only.
  2. Courtesy Vehicles - We provide a discretionary temporary cover to resident permit holders when their usual vehicle being repaired or serviced, and a loan/hire car is being used. You will need to fill out an application form and provide a letter on headed paper either from the garage or hire company giving the dates when the courtesy/hire car will be in your possession.
  3. Temporary Permit (For new residents) - If you are a new resident applying for a parking permit, we appreciate that you may be unable to provide the required level of proof for a standard resident permit.
  4. The temporary (one month) permit can enable you to park conveniently with only a minimal level of proof while you wait for the required documents to apply for a standard permit.
  5. To apply for a temporary (one month) permit you must provide one document showing your name and the new estate address. This can be any one of the following from the proof of address list in the proofs list above. We may require you to pay for a full year's permit. The full year's permit will be sent to you on production of the proofs. You will be unable to apply for a refund if you have not been able to supply the proofs.

Virtual visitor voucher

  1. Virtual visitor vouchers can be purchased online by any resident for the estate they live in. Each household can be issued a maximum of 200 permits per annum, although extra permits may be issued in exceptional circumstances.
  2. To apply your permanent address must be within the boundary of a Lambeth Housing Management enforced estate (TMO).
  3. A Virtual Visitor voucher allows the holder to park a vehicle only in authorised areas on the estate, however the Council cannot guarantee the availability of a parking space.
  4. A visitor’s vehicle may not exceed 2 metres high, 1.83 metres wide or 4.8 metres long without the written permission of Lambeth Housing Management.
  5. Visitors are only permitted to park within the boundaries and sign code of the enforced housing estate (TMO).
  6. Lambeth Housing Management or its contractors reserve the right to remove vehicles which do not have valid vehicle tax and/or are classified as abandoned. This includes SORN vehicles which do not have written permission from Lambeth Housing Management to park on the estate.
  7. Virtual Visitor vouchers are not transferable.
  8. Virtual Visitor Vouchers are valid for one day only
  9. Virtual Visitor Vouchers do not guarantee a parking space.
  10. Virtual Visitor Vouchers can be used in parking bays
  11. The use of parking spaces may be suspended by the police or duly authorised Council officers. We will try and give notice of suspensions; however this may not always be possible.
  12. Breach of Lambeth Housing Services “Conditions of Use” for scratch cards may result in one or more of the following steps being taken: • Issue of warning detailing the nature of the breach • Issuing of Penalty Charge Notice, relocation of vehicle and removal of vehicle for repeated Penalty Charge Notices • Prosecution under the Fraud Act 2006.
  13. You do not need to be the vehicle owner to purchase virtual visitor vouchers on an estate.
  14. Residents or members of their household who have a Blue Badge are entitled to a free annual estate parking permit but must display their Blue or White Badge with the parking permit.
  15. Visitors with a Blue Badge can use it as they would with street parking and can park with their Blue Badge and a timer (limited to two hours). If Blue Badge visitors want to stay for longer than this a visitor’s permit must be purchased for them.
  16. Virtual Visitor Vouchers cannot be issued if • The person residing in property cannot be verified • The person residing in the property cannot provide documents from the prescribed list • Fraudulent documents are submitted • Visitor Vouchers have been used fraudulently • You have unpaid Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) and are registered as a persistent evader
  17. You will need to provide two items from the list below as proof of address if your application cannot be automatically verified.
  18. These documents must be for the address you are applying for: • Driving licence (current address) • Bank or credit card statement - dated within the last three months. • Utility bill - dated within the last three months (mobile phone bills will not be accepted). • Solicitor's completion letter - dated within the last three months. • Current year Lambeth council tax document. • Home contents insurance policy. • Signed current formal tenancy agreement. • An electoral canvas form or polling card - dated in the last year. • Visitors permits are non-refundable, exchangeable or to be resold.

Data protection statement

Lambeth Council may use the data collected through the issuing and administration of permits and visitor vouchers for the purpose of enforcement of parking and traffic contraventions and traffic management administration. The data will be used by Lambeth Council, its agents and London local authorities and may be disclosed to other law enforcement agencies for those purposes and when it is considered necessary for the prevention and detection of crime, and when otherwise legally required.

We may also use your information to prevent and detect fraud and to protect public funds. This will also include recording vehicle information, verifying residency status and parking entitlements both within and outside the Borough. We may therefore disclose or request your information to or from the DVLA, law enforcement agencies and other organisations such as other local authorities.

We will use a number of means to make residents and visitors meet our parking regulations. This will include the use of surveillance equipment, parking attendants, auditors and dedicated investigators to record data.

In line with our duty to protect public funds, we and our agents will undertake investigations involving the random auditing of vehicles and users who hold a valid parking permit to counter suspected fraudulent use of our parking services. Under Section 115 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 any person who makes a false statement to obtain a parking permit, or with intent to deceive, is guilty of an offence.