Council and housing association flats and houses that are available for letting are advertised across the borough.

There is a special choice based lettings website called Home Connections. As with estate agents, there are photos and descriptions of the vacant property on Home Connections.

You need to be on the transfer or housing waiting list to register your interest in a property.

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1. Join the housing register

If you want to join the housing register you'll need to speak to one of our housing advisors. Find out more on our apply for social housing page.

2. Join the housing transfer list

Only existing council tenants can join the housing transfer list.

If you're an existing Lambeth Housing tenant, apply online to join the housing transfer list.

3. Register your interest in a home

You can register your interest in an advertised property by phone, text message, or through the Lambeth Home Connections website. This is called 'bidding' for a home - but no money is involved.

There will be some conditions. For example, you will only be able to bid for houses that are the right size for your household. There will be an age restriction on sheltered housing, and only disabled people will be able to bid for adapted housing.

We will collect all the 'bids' received and will invite the highest priority household who has put in a bid to come and view the property. If after seeing the property they want to proceed, they are made a formal offer of the tenancy. If not, the next highest priority person is invited to view it.

There are some things that choice based lettings can't change. For example, there is a severe housing shortage in Lambeth, which means many more people want to move into council and housing association housing than there are homes available for letting.

Applicants who have registered and are who able to bid are sent an information pack with their details. This gives full instructions on how to view details of available properties, and how to make a bid for a property.