Information about how we can help and what services are available.

If you are suffering Domestic Abuse you can get support from our local confidential service, Gaia.

We can help you in moving away, even if you’re not a Lambeth tenant.

We can offer you advice on Sanctuary Schemes through Gaia, which put additional security measures into your homes for free.

We can arrange for you to speak to a Housing Advisor of the same gender if you prefer and by telephone ensuring that you will not have to wait for an extended period of time in the public area.

If you are in an emergency situation call 999.

Or, you can call Refuge for confidential support 24 hours a day on 0808 2000 247.

For Lambeth specific information see our handbook.

Get advice from a housing adviser

Get advice to prevent homelessness by submitting a housing assessment form online. A personal housing adviser will contact you as soon as we can to discuss how we can help you.

Get advice to prevent homelessness