This is a major project remodelling the Myatts Field North estate to make it a more open, welcoming and green environment.

The project is a result of the close working partnership between Lambeth Council, local residents and Regenter. The agreement was signed in May 2012 with work starting immediately.

This is a 25 year Private Finance Initiative (PFI) project and will be built by the Regenter Myatts Field North consortium, made up of Regenter, Higgins Construction, Rydon Maintenance, Pinnacle PSG and E.ON.

Visit the Regenter Myatts Field North Consortium website for more information on the project.

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1. What you can expect

Regenter Myatts Field North consortium will:

  • build 305 new homes to replace properties that are in a very bad condition
  • modernise and refurbish 172 existing homes
  • provide 146 new affordable homes
  • build 357 new homes for sale, with 10 per cent fully accessible to wheelchairs
  • create new streets, green spaces and play areas
  • provide a new landscaped park with a games area
  • build a new community centre
  • build a new energy plant to provide more reliable and efficient heating and hot water and reduce the carbon footprint of homes
  • refurbish commercial units and create a new local store
  • manage and maintain all the council houses and open spaces for 25 years
  • Regenter will complete all construction work within five years of the contract start

2. Benefits for residents

Myatts Field North will once again be part of the local street network. The estate will return to a traditional street pattern, which opens the area to surrounding neighbourhoods. Residents will feel safer when walking around and through the area.

New or refurbished buildings will replace the existing poorer quality homes.

There will be an 80 per cent reduction of carbon emissions. A combined heat and power plant installed on the estate will provide heating and hot water to the entire development.

3. Training and employment opportunities

Regenter Myatts Field North consortium aims to fill 50 per cent of jobs on the project with local residents. They will be looking for people to work in construction, housing management, repairs, cleaning and grounds maintenance.

The opportunities include 12 management traineeships, 18 apprenticeships and 16 mentoring placements with a consortium partner.

4. How residents can get involved

There will be a residents board which will monitor the performance of the PFI contract and develop services.

There will also be a new community organisation led by residents. The organisation will continue to run the Bramah Green community centre and develop services for local people.

5. Find out more

For project schedules and newsletters contact:

Stephanie Hudson
Neighbourhoods and Growth
3rd Floor
Phoenix House
10 Wandsworth Road
London SW8 2LL
Telephone: 020 7926 3727