Please see the attachments below for the Lambeth state schools about how offers were made for primary admissions 2020/21.

The information in these documents relate to applications that were made on time and are broken down by the schools admissions criteria and banding (where used).

Please note that there is no breakdown for schools that had vacancies or allocations made on 16 April 2020. This is because all applicants received a place at the school of a higher preferred offer.

We hope that this information will assist you in knowing why an offer could not be made at a school you applied for, or as part of considerations for a future application.

If you are viewing this information in relation to a primary school application for other years, the details on this page only relate to 2020/21 intake and children applying will vary each year. Therefore this information cannot be used to guarantee an indication of how of how offers will be made for future intakes.