Details of Lambeth model conditions for licensing act 2003

In determining an application to grant or vary a premise premises licence under the Act, the licensing authority may do so subject to condition which it considers as appropriate to promote the licensing objectives.

In carrying out its licensing functions the council must have regard to guidance issued under the act by the Secretary of State. Revised guidance states that conditions on a premises licence or club premises certificate are important in setting the parameters within which premises can lawfully operate.

Licensing authorities must be satisfied that it is appropriate to impose conditions to promote one or more of the four licensing objectives. The conditions should tailored to the circumstances of an individual licensed premises and determined on a case-by-case basis.

Conditions which are appropriate to promote the licensing objectives should appear within the operating schedule from the prospective licence holder’s assessment which form part of the application.

These conditions have been produced to assist applicants to consider where they would promote the licensing objectives in relation to their application and to assist the responsible authorities and other parties to provide a consistent approach when proposing conditions on licences.

This group of model conditions is not an exclusive or exhaustive list of conditions which may be imposed on a licence. It does not restrict any applicant, responsible authority, or other person from proposing any alternative conditions, nor would it restrict a licensing sub-committee from imposing any reasonable condition on a licence it considers appropriate for the promotion of the licensing objectives.

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