Information if you have an enquiry about getting an allotment.

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the availability of allotment plots or growing spaces in Lambeth, or if none are presently available, whether we can place you on a waiting list. We only have two small council-owned allotment sites and both are fully occupied and as a result waiting lists for both are fully closed at the present time, and we are not adding any new people until we can reduce the current numbers on these lists.

There are details for some private allotment sites on our Allotments - guide, but this is only where site owners have asked us to attach their details for public access. However, there are other private sites in addition to these but we don’t have website or contact details, or they may not wish us to publicly advertise them.

The only other option we can suggest is, if you’re keen to get gardening and growing food, is to join one of our parks-based community gardens, where people work together to manage areas for planting and growing; all of these sites are well run with a great community spirit, and the ethos is to grow together, but everybody still gets more than enough to take home for their own use. It may be worth contacting them as they may know of other allotment sites we are not familiar where there are available plots.

Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses – based within Brockwell Park at Herne Hill, and is a very popular and active community project with lots of keen people always willing to see new people join.

Myatt’s Fields Park Community Greenhouses – based up in Camberwell/Brixton at Myatt’s Fields Park. This is a well-established growing project and always want new people keen to grow food and help with cooking activities. They have a successful food and café enterprise, and links to other growing schemes in the area.

Ruskin Park Community Garden – based in Ruskin Park in Camberwell, a long-running garden scheme that offers a wide range of events, training and spaces to grow food of all kinds, including greenhouses and polytunnels. They’re always looking for new members to join.

Streatham Common Community Garden – based in the Rookery next to Streatham Common. They have just getting started and have space for keen gardeners. They run cooking and food training events and a new community orchard project.

We hope this information has been helpful.

Kind regards,

Lambeth Environment Team