Lambeth has a number of allotment sites of various sizes in different parts of the borough. Some allotment sites are council owned and managed, but the majority are privately owned or managed by an independent association.

We currently have no allotment plots available to hire - you will need to contact the organisations for the privately owned allotments for availability.

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1. Council owned allotments

Lorn Road Allotments

Lorn Road Allotments is a small set of 29 allotments. There is an active plotholder community on site and this combined with its small size means that the waiting list is currently closed. Priority is normally given to applicants who live in the northern or central areas of Lambeth.

Lorn Road Allotments
Lorn Road
London SW9

Location map for Lorn Road Allotments

Chesterman-Robinson Allotments

Chesterman-Robinson Allotments is a set of allotments located between Bridgewood, Grayscroft and Helmsdale Roads in Streatham Vale, named in memory of two local allotment activists Paul Chesterman and Fred Robinson.

With only 26 plots on site the waiting list is currently closed but we may reopen this at a later date. Priority is normally given to applicants who live in the Streatham and Streatham Vale areas of Lambeth.

The allotments were restored during 2010 with funding provided through the council’s Ward Priority Programme. A new allotment association is in the process of being set up to help maintain the site.

Chesterman-Robinson Allotments
Helmsdale Road
Streatham Vale
London SW16

Location map for Chesterman-Robinson Allotments

Contact us

Ask about Lambeth Council managed allotments or find out more about growing opportunities:

Contact the Parks and Green Spaces team

You can also phone us:

020 7926 9000
Lambeth Parks and Green Spaces

2. Privately owned allotments

There are a number of working allotment sites in Lambeth which are privately owned and managed. These sites manage their own application procedures over which Lambeth Council has no powers of intervention.

Just as with council owned sites, waiting lists for a private allotment site may also be closed due to demand, so please check with them first before applying.

Rosendale Allotments

Rosendale Allotments
Rosendale Road
London SE21

Brixton Windmill Allotments

Brixton Windmill Allotments
Lyham Road
Brixton Hill
London SW2

Apply for a Brixton Windmill Allotments allotment to:

Thames Water Property Services Ltd
Clearwater Court
Vastern Road
Reading RG1 8DB

Vauxhall City Farm Allotments

Vauxhall City Farm Allotments
165 Tyers Street
London SE11 5HS
Telephone: 020 7582 4204

Vauxhall Gardens Allotment Association

This is a small allotment site at Glasshouse Walk on the Vauxhall Gardens Estate which is managed by a the Vauxhall Gardens Allotments Association (VGAA). However, there are currently no vacant plots and only estate residents are eligible to apply.