Media organisations must register for accreditation in advance to gain access to the 2019 General Election count in Lambeth.


General Election 2019

A general election is scheduled to take place on Thursday 12 December. Ballots will be counted after polling stations close at 10pm.

The count for all three Lambeth constituencies (Streatham, Vauxhall and Dulwich & West Norwood) will be held at the Town Hall/Civic Centre site on Brixton Hill.

The counts for Streatham and Vauxhall will be held at:

Lambeth Civic Centre 6 Brixton Hill London SW2 1EG.

and the Dulwich & West Norwood count will be in:

Lambeth Assembly Hall Entrance from Brixton Hill (via passageway next to Electric Brixton) London SW2 1RW.

Media organisations and representatives who want to attend the count must be formally accredited. Anyone without prior accreditation will not be able to enter the counts on the night. The deadline for accreditation has now passed.

For more information, please contact Brian Brady, on, or call 020 7926 8412.

Candidates, agents, guests and observers will be admitted to the venues from 9:30pm onwards. Please note you will not be allowed entry before that time.

You will need to print your invitation letter and bring it with you, or show an electronic copy on entry. You will also need to provide photographic ID (passport, driving licence, official employment ID or similar) in order to gain access to the Count.

  • Attendees arriving without an invitation letter and photo ID may be refused entry.
  • Individuals without an invitation who are not employed to work at the Count and are not pre-accredited media or Electoral Commission-accredited observers will be refused entry.

Whilst at the Count please keep noise to a minimum. If you need to use mobile phones or other electronic devices, please do so away from the counting tables.

Also please note that close-range photography of count tables would represent a breach of the secrecy requirements (below).

Further details are available here:

The Elections Team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Count process on the night.