Green and tidy – our new recycling service starts in January 2017

About the new service

To help you recycle more sustainably, we're replacing the current clear recycling sack service for the majority of street properties with green recycling wheelie bins starting from 16 January 2017 until the end of February, weather permitting.

The new bins will:

  • encourage recycling: the new bins hold five times more than a clear recycling sack
  • save money: over 10 million recycling sacks are issued every year - at a huge cost to the council. The new bins will make an overall saving of £450,000 per year
  • make streets cleaner and tidier: starting In the next few months, waste collection, bulky collections and street cleansing will all take place on the same day, for the first time. The mess created by foxes and other pests tearing open sacks will also be significantly reduced, making streets look cleaner and tidier.

The new bins aren’t for food or garden waste. Food waste bins can be ordered by calling 020 7926 9000 and you can subscribe to the garden waste collection service online.

Who will get the bins?

Residents who already have black refuse wheelie bins will get green recycling wheelie bins. The standard size is 240 litres (a bit bigger than the black refuse wheelie bins). Some households will need to share green wheelie recycling bins where this is the most practical arrangement. Please start thinking about where you can put your new bin.

There are some properties an assessment showed were unsuitable for having bins which will continue to use recycling sacks. If you do your recycling in communal bins, that will stay the same.

Some things stay the same

What you can recycle is not changing, please refer to this guide on what can be recycled using clear recycling sacks. The same items will be accepted in the green recycling wheelie bins from January 2017.

Your recycling still gets collected weekly with your food waste and rubbish bins.

When will I get more information?

You should receive a letter between 12 and 16 January with more information and details of how you can contact us about your new green recycling wheelie bin and when it will be delivered. To find out more you can also call 020 7926 9000.

If you have tried your new bin for six weeks but you are finding it too large or small or want to share with a neighbour, please contact our team on 020 7926 9000 or email

All residents receiving bins will get a leaflet explaining how to use them.

If you have a visual impairment, large print versions of the letters being sent to residents are available to download: