The Lambeth Domestic Violence Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) is a monthly meeting where professionals share information on high risk cases of domestic violence and put in place a risk management plan.

The aim of MARAC meetings is to address the safety of the victim, children and agency staff and to review and co-ordinate service provision in high risk domestic violence cases.

Any professional working with a victim or their family can refer to the MARAC using the MARAC referral form via their agency’s MARAC representative. Professionals working with perpetrators of domestic violence can also make a MARAC referral for the victim, however, the perpetrator should not be informed of the referral.

MARAC referrals can be made at any time – however, as MARACs are once monthly, there will be a wait between referral and the case being heard at MARAC. All risk management and safeguarding work should therefore be done immediately, alongside the MARAC referral, and not wait until the MARAC meeting.

If you require any information about the MARAC, want to know who your agency’s representative is, or help to make a referral, please contact the Violence Against Women and Girls Project Officer on: or 020 7926 0395.

MARAC dates

January to March 2020


Month Referral deadline Meeting date Meeting location
January Friday 3 January (5pm) Wednesday 15 January Lambeth Town Hall Basement Committee Room
February Friday 7 February (5pm) Wednesday 19 February Lambeth Civic Centre Room 5-02
March Friday 6 March (5pm) Wednesday 18 March Lambeth Civic Centre Room 5-02
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