We remove abandoned or nuisance vehicles that are not being used, or may be a danger to the public.

Abandoned vehicles are a nuisance and a danger to the public, it is illegal to abandon vehicles and by doing so you may be prosecuted.We will not remove a vehicle if it is untaxed. Untaxed vehicles should be reported to the DVLA.

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1. Check vehicle Tax and report an untaxed vehicle

Lambeth council will not remove a vehicle if it is untaxed, unless it is a public health and safety hazard. Untaxed vehicles are the responsibility of the DVLA.

2. What is an abandoned vehicle?

We classify a vehicle as being abandoned or nuisance if it meets all or some of the following criteria .

  • if the vehicle has remained stationary for a significant period of time (more than 1 month)
  • there are no number plates on the vehicle
  • The vehicle is significantly run down, damaged or un-roadworthy - ie. flat tyres, removed wheels, damage to the vehicle that could cause injury
  • if the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) is out of date by 2 months
  • it's clearly not being used, for example, it has dirty windows or rubbish inside, there is a build-up of rubbish around the wheels
  • it's obviously a danger to the public ie. broken windows
  • If the vehicle is in a condition that can lead to anti-social behaviour ie. unlocked

Even a vehicle is owned by someone it can still be classified as an abandoned or nuisance vehicle if it meets some of the above criteria.

3. Reporting an abandoned vehicle

If you want to report an abandoned vehicle complete our online nuisance vehicle reporting form.

We need to know the:

  • vehicle colour, make and preferably model
  • registration
  • exact location.

If you wish to report an abandoned car on your estate, please contact your housing office.

4. How to claim your vehicle

If your vehicle has been removed by us as an abandoned vehicle, it will be taken to:

ELV Car Pound
8 Eley Road
N18 3BD

020 8216 9657

The pound is open Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm.

We advise you contact TRACE to confirm this is where your vehicle has been removed to.

You will need to provide proof of ownership to claim the vehicle.

Fees for removed vehicles

  • Lifting - £200
  • Storage - £40 per day

5. Vehicles on private land

Our authority extends only to vehicles abandoned on the highway or estate land. Where vehicles have been left on private land, on request of the land owner, we will investigate the vehicle and if it is deemed as abandoned we will remove the vehicle.

If the vehicle is not classified as abandoned we are unable to remove it.

6. Vehicles on TfL red routes

Throughout the borough we have several red routes which are maintained by Transport for London.

Vehicles abandoned on these routes (where the lines on the side of the road are red instead of yellow) are the responsibility of TfL.

Please report abandoned vehicles on red routes using the link

7. How do I prevent my vehicle being mistaken as an abandoned vehicle?

If you wish to park your vehicle on the highway your vehicle must be taxed even if you are not using the vehicle. Your vehicle must remain in a road worthy condition. Alternatively arrange for your vehicle to be stored off the highway. To do this you must obtain a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification).

8. How to appeal the removal of an abandoned or nuisance vehicle

If your vehicle is removed and you feel it should not have been, you can make an appeal against the decision to classify your vehicle as abandoned. However you can only do this after you have paid the release fees at the pound. You must make your appeal within 28 days of collecting your vehicle.

To appeal please complete our online appeal form.