Vehicles that are abandoned or issued with a penalty charge notice may be liable to be removed

Vehicles that are removed from the street will be taken to one of two car pounds. Lambeth Car Pound or ELV Car Pound.

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1. Towed Vehicle Tracing Service (TRACE)

The easiest way to find out if your vehicle has been towed and where it is being stored is by using TRACE.

TRACE is a free 24 hours a day helpline service for anyone whose vehicle may have been towed away. If you believe your vehicle has been removed by any council, the police or DVLA you can contact TRACE. They will tell you where your vehicle is and the fee you have to pay

Use TRACE – towed vehicle tracing service to find your vehicle.

Phone TRACE on 0300 077 0100

Text the word “TRACE” followed by your Vehicle Registration Mark to 66663* to receive a text confirming if your vehicle has been removed. *You may be charged for this service

2. Lambeth Car Pound

If a vehicle is removed due to a PCN they will be taken to Lambeth Car Pound.

Vehicles which are issued with a penalty charge notice (PCN) may be liable to be removed. In some cases this can be immediately. Our priority is to remove vehicles which are causing obstruction or danger to other road users or pedestrians or denying access to disabled drivers or the emergency services.

Even if your vehicle is not a priority it may still be removed. You should move your vehicle immediately after it received a PCN.

Lambeth Car Pound
Devonshire Grove
SE15 1JP
Telephone: 020 7635 9478
  • Opening hours: The pound is open seven days a week, 7am to 5pm. The pound will be closed on Christmas day.
  • How to get here: The nearest overground station is Queens Road Peckam. The nearest station is South Bermondsey (Southern Line). Buses 21, 53, 172, 453, P12 all stop in the vicinity of Lambeth Car pound. The pound is located on Devonshire Grove just off Old Kent Road, behind the BP garage, in front of the reuse and recycling centre.

We recommend you check the location of your vehicle using TRACE before visiting the pound

3. ELV Car Pound

Abandoned vehicles are a nuisance and a danger to the public, it is illegal to abandon vehicles and by doing so you may be prosecuted.

We classify a vehicle as being abandoned if it meets all or some of the following criteria.

  • There vehicle has not been moved within the last month
  • the windows have been broken
  • it's clearly not being used, for example, it has dirty windows or rubbish inside, there is a build-up of rubbish around the wheels
  • it's obviously a danger to the public
  • If the vehicle is in a condition that can lead to anti-social behaviour ie. unlocked
  • if the vehicle has no number plates

If the vehicle is untaxed, and is not a danger to the public you will need to report this to the DVLA. Lambeth council are not authorised to enforce car tax and this is the responsibility of the DVLA.

If an abandoned vehicle has been removed by Lambeth it will be taken to ELV Car Pound

ELV Car Pound
Cottage Carparks
Chequers Lane
Telephone: +44 2076359478
+44 7968623713
  • Opening hours: The pound is open Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm. The pound will be closed on Christmas day.
  • How to get here: The nearest underground station is Dagenham Heathway (District Line). The nearest overground is Dagenham Docks, less than 2 minutes walk from the car pound. Bus 173 also stops in the vicinity of the car pound.

We recommend you check the location of your vehicle using TRACE before visiting the pound.

4. How to claim your vehicle

To claim your vehicle you will need to pay the removal fee and any storage charges. If you have a PCN this will need to be paid. Payment can only be made at the car pound on collection.

You will need to produce the following documents at the pound when picking up the vehicle:

  • Photographic ID: Passport or Drivers License
  • Vehicle log book (V5)
  • Proof of address: Bank statement / utility bill / rent agreement /council tax

Removal charges

  • Release from car pound: £200
  • Storage charge: £40 (per day)
  • Any outstanding PCN charges

Payment methods

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro (formerly switch)
  • Cash (At Lambeth Car Pound Only)
  • Postal Order

Appeal against removal of vehicle

If your vehicle is removed and you feel it is unfair, you can appeal it after you have paid any release fees and storage fees. You must make an appeal within 28 days of collecting your vehicle from the car pound. Details on how to do this and an appeal (representation) form will be given to you after you have paid for the release of the vehicle at the car pound.