There are several different types of parking for cycles in Lambeth, including the on-street Bikehangar.

We want you to be able to take advantage of the benefits of cycling and understand that it's difficult to own a bicycle if you do not have a secure space to store it when at home and a secure space to park it when out and about. The council runs different bicycle parking schemes, and we work closely with housing associations, estates and residents to improve bicycle parking in Lambeth.

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1. Different types of cycle parking

There are several different types of cycling parking. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most important point is to choose the cycle parking that is most appropriate for the space.

Some of the approaches we have tried in Lambeth are:

  • on-street cycle parking
  • converting redundant and empty spaces
  • locker installations
  • refurbishing or replacing of existing cycle parking

2. Request a cycle stand

We install between 100 and 200 cycle parking stands every year so that all destinations can be reached by bike.

If you know of a destination that needs a cycle stand email the Cycle parking scheme on

3. Help us to improve cycle parking

We always want to improve the way cycle parking is designed and put in place.

Some of the ideas that we are looking into are:

  • consulting and working with the community
  • sweat equity for people who use cycle parking
  • championing of cycle parking
  • social funding for cycle parking

For more information about bicycle parking contact:

Cycle Parking scheme

Or register your interest in a Lambeth Bikehangar

4. Lambeth Bikehangar

bike hangar To encourage more people to cycle and use cycling as a mode of transport we have been helping residents who have nowhere to store their bikes by installing our specially designed secure Lambeth Bikehangar for them to rent.

The Lambeth Bikehangar installs easily into a standard 2m parking bay by bolting onto the kerb and holds six bikes securely; taking up 2.5m of space equating to 6 spaces for the space of half a car.

Each hangar space costs £42 to rent per year; £3.50 a month.

There are over 220 hangars installed in the borough and we're installing more. So far over 1,300 residents have been enabled to store their bikes safely and conveniently on their streets! The demand for bike hangars is extremely high, so far, outstripping how fast we can supply them.

You should be aware that submitting a request does not guarantee your location will get a bike hangar. Bike hangar installations are prioritised based on:

  • The number of unique requests received
  • Available funding

Requests for bike hangars installations on Lambeth Highways only please click on the link below.

Requests for new bike hangars installations in Housing estates and residential blocks managed by Lambeth Housing please contact

Requests for new bike hangar installations in non-Lambeth Housing estates and residential blocks should be directed to your landlord.

If you’re interested in applying for a space in an existing bikehangar please go to the Cyclehoop website.

5. Feedback

The informal consultation with residents on affected streets ended in July 2018.

The statutory consultation is now live and we’re asking residents to have their say on our proposals to install more bike hangars in new locations across the borough.

You can view our proposed locations for cycle hangars in the borough and find out how to comment below:

To tell us your thoughts please visit Have your say on Lambeth’s cycle hangar installation or just head straight to our survey at: Lambeth's Cycle Hangar Installation Consultation survey

Please contact if you have any queries about our proposals.