There are several different types of cycle parking in Lambeth, including the on-street Bikehangar.

We're committed to improving cycle storage for everyone. We want you to be able to take advantage of the benefits of cycling and understand that it's difficult to own a bicycle if you don't have a secure space to store it. We run several different bicycle parking schemes, and we work closely with housing associations, estates and residents to improve bicycle parking across Lambeth.

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1. Cycle stands

Having a convenient place to park is an important factor when deciding to cycle. We install between 100 and 200 cycle parking stands every year so that all destinations can be easily reached by bicycle.

You can suggest a cycle stand location by emailing the Cycle Parking scheme at Please tell us the exact location you are suggesting and use landmarks like shops to make this clear. Please also include a brief description of why there is a need for more cycle parking here.

You can also report any damaged cycle stands by emailing the Cycle Parking scheme at

2. Cycle hangars - for residential use

bike hangar To encourage more people to use cycling as a mode of transport, we've been helping residents who don’t have anywhere to store their bikes by installing our specially designed secure Lambeth Bikehangar for them to rent.

The Lambeth Bikehangar installs into a standard 2 metre parking bay by bolting onto the curb. It securely holds six bikes and takes up the space of half a car.

We've installed over 200 Hangars in Lambeth, providing 1,200 cycle parking spaces for residents, and we're committed to installing more.

Each hangar space costs £42 to rent per year; £3.50 a month. This rental service is managed by Cycle Hoop.

The demand for space in an existing hangar, or for new cycle hangars to be installed, is extremely high. So far, this demand is outstripping how fast we can supply them.

We collate information from applications and use this to assess whether there is enough demand for proposed locations. Each new location needs to be visited by one of our in-house engineers, after which it is put out for consultation so that residents have an opportunity to give their input.

If the road lies within a Controlled Parking Zone, a further consultation will be needed so that we can apply for a Traffic Order. This allows us to install the cycle hangar in a parking bay or on yellow lines. The design process and resident consultations take a considerable amount of time. Once a hangar has been installed, we use information from applications and waiting lists to offer spaces to residents.

Suggest a street to be considered for future hangars

If you’re interested in a space in an existing cycle hangar, please go to the Cyclehoop website.

If your enquiry isn’t covered by either of these, please email

3. Cycle storage on estates

We currently have 56 cycle storage facilities with 381 spaces throughout our estates in the borough.

If you'd like like a cycle storage space on an estate, please apply and you'll be placed on our waiting list.

Apply for a cycle storage rental space on an estate

4. Feedback - proposals for installation of cycle hangars - Phase 2

After consulting with residents in November 2018, we are now proposing to install the cycle hangars in the locations included on the maps below. All objections and other representations relating to the proposed Orders must be made in writing and all objections must specify the grounds on which they are made and should be sent to Barbara Poulter, Highways and Enforcement Group (Environment and Growth), London Borough of Lambeth, PO Box 734, Winchester, SO23 5DG.

Residents on the affected roads and streets will be sent a consultation letter, which will set out the proposals for cycle hangar installations on their street or road. It will also include drawings of the proposed cycle hangar location to give residents an idea of where the cycle hangar would be located in relation to where they live.

Maps of cycle hangar installation locations - phase 2

5. Feedback - proposed bike hangar installations - phase 4

Phase 4 of our cycle hangar installation project is now closed. We asked residents at affected locations in the borough to complete our online survey to find out their needs for more bike parking facilities.

To find out more about the closed consultation and to read the cycle hangar phase 4 consultation report please visit Have your say on Lambeth’s cycle hangar installation - phase 4.