Cycle route linking Waterloo to Norbury that passes through Lambeth North, Vauxhall and Clapham

The initial consultation for this scheme was held in February 2016. View details of the original consultation.

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1. Estreham Road

Update - January 2018

Following engagement with local residents on Quietway 5 proposals in 2015 and 2016, a six month trial to prohibit northbound motor traffic on Estreham Road, at the existing zebra crossing outside Streatham Common Station, was started in October 2016.

The objectives of the scheme being trialled were to enhance the street environment that lays north of Greyhound Lane and west of Streatham High Road and to make these roads feel safer, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists.

At the end of the six month trial period, residents were asked to feedback on the trial, and changes in air quality and traffic volumes in the area were collected.

Sixty per cent of the residents surveyed told us they wanted the trial to be made permanent. Read the report for details of of the post-trial monitoring.

Unfortunately we didn't gather enough data to be able to draw any definite conclusions about the schemes impact on air quality. Because of this the air quality information isn't included in the post-trial monitoring report.

However we expect that the proposals will make it safer and more pleasant for people to make local journeys by walking and cycling, thereby encouraging sustainable transport and contributing towards long term improvements to local air quality.

Having considered the responses to the post trial consultation, we have decided to make the scheme at Estreham Road permanent, with supplementary measures on Pathfield Road to address concerns raised by local residents.

As part of our work to address the issues on Pathfield Road, we plan to consider the overall impact of the scheme on local roads, including those south of Greyhound Lane. The general timescales going forward are below.

Permanent Estreham Road scheme

  • Statutory consultation and traffic order making - February 2018 to March 2018
  • Design and delivery of physical measures - April 2018 to December 2018

Pathfield Road Scheme

  • Local engagement and design of options - February 2018 to September 2018
  • Statutory consultation and traffic order making - October 2018 to November 2018
  • Delivery of physical measures on street - December 2018

Update - May 2017

For the last six months we have been trialling a scheme to restrict northbound access on Estreham Road. By reducing the amount of through motor traffic using Estreham Road, the intention has been to create a better street environment which prioritises people over vehicles, making it more pleasant for residents and visitors to walk and cycle through the area.

View frequently asked questions about the scheme.

Update - October 2016

Having considered all of responses to the consultation and reviewed the proposals, Lambeth has implemented a six-month trial of the scheme on Saturday 29th October 2016.

This details of the scheme can be found in this leaflet

The council has prepared some answers to frequently asked questions in relation to the scheme.

Update – August 2016

In February 2016, working with our partners at Transport for London, we consulted on proposals for the Estreham Road on the Quietway 5 route – Waterloo to Croydon. We have produced a report summarising the background, responses and outcome for the consultation in this area.

Please see link for the response to consultation for Estreham Road

When is the work likely to start?

Planned construction for this scheme is scheduled to take place in October 2016. We'll write to local residents and businesses with details of the planned works nearer the time to let them know exact dates when work will be carried out.

2. Cavendish Road Update

Update - April 2017

On 3 April 2017, we published our report on the Quietway 5 Waterloo to Norbury (Cavendish Road) consultation.

Unfortunately, there were some errors in the section reporting the views of the stakeholders who responded to the consultation. We apologise for this, and are pleased to republish the report below.

The revised report correctly states that Lambeth Cyclists did not support the proposals. We have also included a response from the Natal Road Residents’ Association, and updated entries for Alma Consulting Group and Wheels for Wellbeing.

Update - March 2017

Having considered all responses to the consultation and reviewed the proposals, the scheme has been amended to incorporate additional measures in response to certain concerns raised by respondents.

The main changes include:

  • raising of the existing zebra crossing on Cavendish Road directly to the south of the junction with Atkins Road
  • installation of a raised table with informal crossing points on Cavendish Road directly to the south of the junction with Weir Road
  • installation of a raised table to cover the junction of Sistova Road with Cavendish Road. To be extended in a southerly direction on Cavendish Road to also incorporate the raising of the existing zebra crossing on Cavendish Road directly to the north of Hydethorpe Road.

The council recommendation is to proceed with the implementation of the revised scheme, subject to detailed design and statutory consultation. Construction is planned to begin in summer 2017, and Lambeth Council will write to local residents and businesses with details of the planned works.

You can view our report about the Cavendish Road consultation, and how we plan to proceed.

To learn more about the Quietways programme, please visit the TfL quietways page

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3. Clapham Common area scheme

Details coming soon.

4. Baylis Road / Waterloo Road scheme

Details coming soon.