Borrow a bike for four weeks and use it how you like.

Try Before you Bike allows you to borrow your choice of bike and accessories for four weeks. Use it how you like in those weeks, cycle to work or the gym, bike rides with the kids at weekends, store it at home, pretend that it is yours!

Throughout the loan period you can take advantage of support such as cycle training, maintenance courses and a helpline. After the four weeks you will have the option to return the bike or buy it at a reasonable price.

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Who can use this service

Anyone who lives, works or studies in the borough. You must be 18 or over.

Costs for this service

The service costs just £10 which also covers your liability insurance with the London Cycling Campaign.

What you need to know...

You will be given a date and location to pick up the bike. Bring your photo ID and address ID and £10. Borrow the bike, use it how you like.

Feedback for Lambeth cycling schemes

'I just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you're doing for cycling in Lambeth at the moment - it's amazing. I have recently bought my bike through Try Before You Bike, which was SUCH an amazing scheme and pushed me to do something I'd thought about but would probably not have got round to due to lack of confidence about what to buy/equipment needed etc.

I then had a session with Cycle Confident to help me with a route on my way into work which really changed my attitude to cycling and made me feel far surer about myself on the road.

Then we've recently got bike hangars in nearby roads which meant I could get my bike and the kids' out of the hallway, eradicating a source of tension between me and my husband!

And THEN cycling home from work the other day, I saw Dr Bike and got my (slightly dodgy) brakes adjusted and seat raised - all for FREE! AND cycling into work a day or two ago, there was a police stand who ID'd my bike and registered it and advised me about cycing with lorries. I am in rhapsodies about all you're doing; it really is fantastic, thank you. Much appreciated.' - Stella, Brixton