We have installed a total of 140 on-street electric vehicle charging points in Lambeth.

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What you need to know...

There are different types of charge points available. All charge points are available on a pay-as-you-go basis, with cheaper tariffs available if you pay to join a charge point operator’s network.

To minimise street clutter we have installed some of our street lights with charge points. These lower power charge points (3-5kw) are managed by Ubitricity and are well-suited to charging vehicles which will be parked for several hours or overnight. Street light charge points are our preferred solution for residential streets.

The borough has also installed more powerful 7kw charge points for those who need to charge their vehicles more quickly. These are operated by Charge Your Car.

Since 2018, we have installed over 20 rapid 43kw charge points that will be capable of recharging most electric vehicles in around 20 minutes. These will be open to all users but will be well suited to taxis and other heavily utilised commercial vehicles. We will be continuing this over the next few years, taking advantage of technical advances to make vehicle charging even quicker.

Our plans for more charge points

If you already own an electric vehicle, or are considering buying one, please let us know. This will help us map demand and plan where new charge points are needed.

Whilst all requests will be considered, those applications confirming actual or imminent ownership and private hire vehicle usage will be given additional weighting in order to bring the quickest positive change for our residents and our streets. If you have a Blue Badge number and a disabled bay, it would help if you could add the details in the form.

As part of our efforts to improve air quality and facilitate the switch to cleaner vehicles, we have committed to install over 200 charge points by 2022. We want every household with no access to off-street parking to be within a 5 minute walk of their nearest charge point.

In addition to rapid charge points, we plan to install more charge points in our streets in 2020/21. From August 2020, we'll be installing 62 new charge points at our proposed sites. We'll also be upgrading 14 more to allow a PAYG (pay as you go) function with QR code functionality. We hope to have these works completed by the end of September 2020.

See the list of new installations and upgrades of electric vehicle charge points.

Considering buying an electric vehicle?

The Energy Savings Trust has useful information for residents and businesses considering buying an electric vehicle, including guidance on the grants available from central government.

World Electric Vehicle Day - September 2020

On 9 September 2020, all electricity from Ubitricity Charge Points will be free all day. Hopefully, it will encourage you to find your closest charge point and make your current or future use of an electric vehicle even more attractive.

We think we can boost electric vehicle take up by encouraging charge point discovery.

Electric vehicle drivers tell us having a charge point where they park overnight makes running an electric vehicle easy, because it cuts out the chore of driving to a charge point for their everyday charging.

Electric vehicle leasing companies tell us the ability to recharge overnight at home – on the driveway or on the street – is a big factor when their customers are considering switching to electric cars.

So, if people found a charge point near their home, more would go electric sooner.


  1. We set all the charge points to 0p/kWh on 9 September.
  2. Any charge session started between 00:01 and 23:59 on 9 September will be free.
  3. The plug in time counts, not the time the car starts drawing electricity from the charge point. On 8 September we’ll warn customers to plug in the next day for a FREECHARGE.
  4. FREECHARGE applies to Pay As You Go drivers and SmartCable drivers.
  5. Pay As You Go drivers will still need to enter their payment card details but no payment will be taken. SmartCable customers monthly bills will show any 9 September charging events as free.
  6. Ubitricity is covering the cost of the energy and the transaction fees for all qualifying charging events.
  7. On 10 September, all charge points revert to their regular p/kWh price.