Lambeth supports car clubs as an alternative to private car ownership. Car clubs are an efficient way of allowing people access to a car when they need one. For people who only need a car for occasional trips, car clubs can be a cheaper option than owning your own vehicle. This also reduces parking pressure by encouraging people to give up their own car. There are more than 150 car club vehicles in use daily around the borough.

What is a car club?

Car clubs provide the convenience of using a vehicle without having to pay for upkeep, licensing, insurance or resident's parking charges, vehicles can be hired by members and paid per journey. Car club vehicles are based in dedicated bays across the borough. Car clubs are used as an alternative to using a privately owned vehicle - members only pay for what they use, and do not have to worry about maintaining the car.

For more information about car clubs, the benefits and how they work, please visit the relevant car club website or for more general information this can be found on the Transport for London Website.

Car clubs available in Lambeth

There are currently two car club companies operating in Lambeth, with more than 10,000 members and providing access to over 150 vehicles in the borough. You will need to sign up to become a member of the car club on their website.

Which car clubs operate in Lambeth?

Where are car club bays located?

Car club bays are located throughout the borough. You can follow the link below to find car club bays across London.

Interactive map of car club bays