As of 2 October 2017, Lambeth no longer issue paper parking permits to those applying for a resident parking permit in the borough. Residents who apply for a residents parking permit will be issued with an e-permit.

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1. What is an e-permit?

An e-permit is an electronic version of a paper permit. An e-permit allows the permit holder to park their vehicle in their designated Controlled Parking Zone without the need to display a physical permit on the windscreen.

All other permit types will remain as paper permits, however we are working to make all our permits electronic in the future.

If you have a resident e-permit you will not be sent a paper permit in the post. You will receive an email confirmation stating you have an e-permit, and you will be able to start parking your vehicle on the start date shown. You do not need print this out or display anything in your vehicle.

Our Civil Enforcement Officers on street are able to check resident permits by entering the number plate on their handheld devices. So long as you have a valid permit and are parked correctly you will not be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.

2. How do I apply for an e-permit?

E-permits are available for residents parking permits.

There is no change to the application process for parking permits. Your permit will become an e-permit when you next renew or apply for a new permit.

For details on the application criteria, prices and to apply for a permit please visit the below webpage.

3. When can I start parking my vehicle?

Within your application you can select a start day from today, or up to 30 days in the future. You will be able to start parking your vehicle on the date selected as soon as you have completed the application and made payment for your permit.

If we require any additional evidence you will be told this within your application, and will receive an email letting you know.

You will then have 30 days from your application date to provide this evidence. You are able to start parking your vehicle on the start date you selected, whilst we wait for your evidence to be submitted and approved.

4. Understanding your e-permit

Once your permit has been issued, you'll be assigned an e-permit code according to the zone you live in. For example CR, BIR ,BB.

If your e-permit code matches exactly what is displayed on the timeplate, you can park your vehicle here.

On occasions you may encounter what’s known as a shared use bay. These bays are designed for multiple users, businesses permit holders, resident permit holders as well as short stay parking for paying visitors to the borough (pay and display).

These bays may display a range of codes. As long as your code exactly matches one of the codes displayed on the timeplate, you can park here.

We advise all permit holders to check their online parking account and familiarize themselves with their e-permit code.

This will allow you to park your vehicle with confidence in the borough of Lambeth, on all occasions.

5. How do I know when my e-permit is due to expire?

After completing your application you will receive a confirmation email which states the date of permit expiry. You are also able to check the expiry date via your online permit account on a 24/7 basis.

If your permit starts LJR login to the online permit system to view this information. If your permit starts LJX login to the online permit system here to view this informtion.

We aim to email or send a renewal reminder to you before your permit expires. You may also wish to set your own permit reminder, as it is your responsibility to renew your permit on time.

6. Using your parking permit account, and troubleshooting

You can log into your online parking permit account at any time, to view your current permits, renew or apply for new permits or vouchers. The online account is accessible 24/7.

If you have previously purchased your parking permits or vouchers from the customer centre you will need to set up a new online account.

Online account not responding when you are trying to apply for a permit.

If you find part way through your application that the online account is not responding we advise to try using a different browser.

Address is coming up as not in a Controlled Parking Zone

We are currently updating our address data. If you live in a Controlled Parking Zone there will be signs on your street stating permit holders only next to marked bays.

If you are aware that your property is known by a different name or number, you will need to select this address in your application. Select the blue link under the addresses given, you will then be able to search by a wider list of address.

Please note that if you select an address that is not correct, it may show as not being in a Controlled Parking Zone. You may have to start the application again and select the correct address.

For example, if you live in Flat A, 20 Ferndale Road, you need to ensure you select this property. If you select just the building number it may show as not being in a Controlled Parking Zone.

You are having issues renewing a current permit or the permit you wish to renew does not appear on your account

You can renew a permit up to 30 days in advance using your online account. If your permit has already expired you will need to start a new application.

If your permit does not show up on your online account and it has expired, you will need to apply for a new permit, and not a renewal.

If you previously purchased your permit at the customer centre, and it has now expired you will need to purchase a new permit. This is available to do through the online permit account.

If you are having issues renewing a band 1 permit, please apply for a new permit, starting the day after your current permit expires. You can select the start date in section 4.

Error on payments page

If your payment card is being declined, this may be because your card is registered to a different address to your permit. On the payments screen please enter the address to which your card is registered if it is different from your permit address.

Reset my password

Within your account, you can request to reset your password. If you find this automated link that is sent to you does not work, please complete the below web form and we can arrange for a manual password reset.

Contact the parking team

If none of the above points resolve the issues you have encountered please get in contact using the webform below