How to change, cancel or replace parking permits.

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1. Permit types

We sell parking permits for:

  • residents (vehicles and motorcycles) - for people who live in Lambeth Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs)
  • businesses - for businesses based in Lambeth
  • doctors - for doctors based at a surgery in Lambeth
  • teachers - for teachers who work in a school in Lambeth
  • traders - day scratch-card vouchers for tradespeople undertaking work
  • blue Badge scheme and Lambeth disabled parking permit (white badge)
  • visitors - scratchcard vouchers for residents who have visitors who need to park.

Resident and visitor parking permits can't be used to park in council estates. You'll need to Apply for resident and visitor estate parking Permits.

2. Visitor Scratch Cards

We realise that some of our scratch cards are due to expire at the end of 2018. If you are in possession of any of these permits, do not worry. Your permits are still valid and you can continue to use them in 2019 and beyond, providing you do not scratch out the year when you display them.

Please ensure when you do use your vouchers that you only scratch off the Day, Month and Date of your 2018 scratch cards, to ensure your permit is valid for use. Failure to do so may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued.

Please ensure this information is passed onto any of your visitors when using the vouchers.

3. Permit refunds (cancelling a permit)

If you no longer require your permit, you may apply for a refund and cancel your permit via your online permit account.

If your permit starts with the prefix LJR, LJB, LJA and LJE login to cancel your permit. If your permit starts with the prefix LJX login to cancel your permit.

The refund amount is calculated on how many full calendar months remain on the permit. An administration fee is payable per permit cancelled.

Please note: No refunds will be given where the amount owing is the same as or less than the administration fee. Refunds will also not be given on replacement permits.

E-permits: - Please LJR, LJB, LJA and LJE login to your account

Paper permits: If you no longer require your parking permit you may apply for a refund and cancel your permit. The refund will only be calculated from the date we receive your permit.

You must return the permit that you wish to be cancelled, by recorded delivery as we will not be able to provide a refund if your permit is lost in the post.

If you need to return a permit, please send it to: London Borough of Lambeth, Parking Services, PO BOX 734, Winchester, SO23 5DG.

If you want to enquire about a permit you have sent to us, please contact us using our online form

Visitor and trader permit refunds

All visitor and trader’s permits are non-refundable. No refund will be given on these types of permits once purchased.

4. Changing a vehicle

Online - e-permit holders

The information below applies to LJX permit holders only. If your permit starts with the prefix LJR, LJB, LJA and LJE, you can now change your permit through your online account

If your resident permit begins with LJX please cancel your LJX permit through your online account. You will then need to create a new LJR permit account online with the new vehicle details. You will automatically be refunded for any outstanding time remaining on your cancelled LJX permit.

Postal - paper permit holders

  • complete our online form with your new vehicle details
  • return your current permit to us in the post, via recorded mail - London Borough of Lambeth, Parking Services, PO BOX 734, Winchester, SO23 5DG
  • please keep a copy of your permit and your recorded delivery reference for your records
  • include a copy of your V5C and insurance schedule which is registered at your Lambeth permit address
  • send us a cheque payment of £11 (administrative charge to change your permit)

In Person

  • return your current permit to us at Brixton customer centre
  • bring along a copy of your V5C and insurance schedule which is registered at your Lambeth permit address
  • make payment by credit or debit card for £11 (administrative charge to change your permit)
  • you will receive your updated permit with your new vehicle details over the counter

Note: your new permit will have the same expiry date as your current permit. You will be able to apply for the full range of permit durations once this permit has expired.

If your new vehicle is in a different price band then you will need to pay for a new permit and return the old one to get a refund.

Replacement permits

If you need a replacement of your parking permit, due to it being lost, stolen or damaged you will need to apply online via your online account or in person at a Customer Service Centre. A replacement fee of £11 is chargeable. Once payment has been received, a new permit will automatically be sent out to you if the application is made online.

5. Excluded and permit free properties (Section 106)

Some addresses in Lambeth are not allowed or are limited to a certain number of permits. This is due to planning restrictions on the property. The properties usually affected are “new-build” buildings or buildings which have been renovated or refurbished and are subject to planning permission.

The affected properties will be on the section 106 list. The owner of the property or landlord will be informed of these restrictions and has an obligation to inform you about this permit restriction.

If you apply for a permit at an address which falls under section 106 you will be in violation of our terms and conditions. Your permit may be revoked and you could possibly face prosecution.

6. Parking on council housing estates

Parking on council housing estates is managed by Lambeth Housing.

Applications for estate parking permits are not currently processed online and you will need to visit the north area housing office in Kennington or the customer service centre at Olive Morris House, Brixton to buy a permit.

All permits are valid for 12 months and cost £31.79.

Find out more about parking permits for council housing estate here Apply for resident and visitor estate parking Permits

7. Electronic Parking Permits (e-permits)

E-permits are currently issued for Residents, Business and TeachersPermits.

An e-permit is an electronic version of a paper permit. An e-permit allows the permit holder to park their vehicle in their designated Controlled Parking Zone without the need to display a physical permit on the windscreen.

For further information regarding e-permits please view our Electronic parking permits guide

8. Government Covid-19 pass for NHS, Care and Key workers

The Covid-19 Government pass was rolled out on the 06th April 2020 for NHS staff, health & social care workers and NHS volunteers, or critical workers. This enabled these specific groups to park in many areas, including residential and shared bays.

Due to increased parking on nearby roads to Kings College Hospital, from 07th December 2020 the Government COVID-19 Parking Pass cannot be used on the following streets. The existing parking restrictions will apply.

The following roads are prohibited for parking:

  • Bavent Road
  • Caldecot Road
  • Cutcombe Road
  • Venetian Road

If vehicles are parked without a valid permit or have not paid for parking, they may be issued a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

The Covid-19 Government Pass is still accepted elsewhere in the borough. However, you are not allowed to park in the following places and we are carrying out enforcement regarding these:

  • on double yellow lines
  • on single yellow lines within 10 metres of a junction
  • where loading and unloading restrictions (kerb markings) are in operation
  • zig zag lines at pedestrian crossings
  • keep clear markings outside a school, a hospital or fire, police or ambulance station
  • dropped kerbs
  • bus stops
  • suspended bays
  • disabled bays
  • police bays
  • ambulance bays
  • car club bays
  • electric vehicles bays
  • red routes

Please note that the Government Pass is not permitted for parking at your normal place of residence or other locations whilst not at work or volunteering.