Within this guide you will find information on the most frequently asked question about parking suspensions in the borough of Lambeth.

We will always try to ensure suspensions that have booked with us are available for use, but this cannot be guaranteed. Should an unauthorised vehicle(s) be parked in the suspended space(s) you have booked, you can contact us between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

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1. I need to book a suspension…how soon can I apply?

Please note as of the 13th May 2019 our suspension charges will be increasing in line with inflation. The new pricing schedule will be available to view from 13th May 2019. The pricing structure as outlined below, will apply until the new changes come into effect on 13th May 2019

We try to offer our customers as much flexibility as we can, when arranging a parking suspension in the borough of Lambeth.

Please refer to the table below, which details the notification periods required, to book a suspension with us.

Suspension type Notification period required to book Admin fee Additional priority fee
Standard Suspension request Inc. placing a skip on the highway 10+ working days’ notice £73.18 £0
Short Notice Suspension request 6-9 working days’ notice £73.18 £50.00
Express Short Notice request 5-2 working days’ notice £73.18 £100.00

Please note: When booking a suspension, the online system will always give you the earliest available dates a suspension can be booked for. If the dates you require are greyed out, this means you cannot book a suspension within that time period and alternative dates will need to be selected.

*These fees are charged per space per day.

Apply for a parking suspension

2. What are the costs?

Please see the apply for a parking suspension page for full details of costs and conditions.

3. I’ve been asked to supply more information about my suspension. What happens next?

If documents have been requested please ensure you send them to: parkingsuspensions@lambeth.gov.uk

Once your documents have been received we will:

  • Review your application within 1 working day. If your application is successful we will inform you by email
  • If we require any more information, we will contact you by email within 1 working day
  • If for any reason we cannot process your application we will refund your payment automatically within 5 working days

4. My Suspension was rejected. When and how will I get my money back?

If any refund is owed, this will be paid back to the original card used in the next few days.

If payment was made by another method, we will arrange for this payment to be returned to you via BACS.

Please note: the BACS process can take slightly longer to administer. We will contact you to obtain the details required in order for us to process your refund in this way.

5. I’m conducting filming works on behalf of a production company, how do I apply?

This will need to be authorised by the Lambeth Film Office.

Please call 020 7620 0391 or email info@lambethfilmoffice.co.uk if you have any enquiries about filming in the borough, or alternatively visit the Lambeth Film Office website to make an application to film.

Once you have received approval and a FILMAPP reference number has been provided you can apply for a filming suspension via your suspension account.

6. I’ve made some changes to my initial suspension request. What happens next?

  • We will review your application within 3 working days. If your application has been successful we will inform you by email.
  • If we require any more information, we will contact you by email within 3 working days.
  • If we cannot process your application and payment was made at the time of submitting your application, we will refund your payment automatically within 5 working days.
  • If we do process your application and payment was not made at the time of submitting your application, we will send you an invoice. If you receive an email confirming your application has been successfully processed the suspension will take place regardless of whether or not an invoice has been received prior to the start date of the suspension and you will be liable for payment of that invoice in full, unless you contact us in advance of the suspension starting.

7. How can I keep track of the progress or any changes I have made to my suspension request?

The easiest way to keep track of your application or make any amendments, such as cancelling your suspension is by logging into your online account

8. I’ve booked a suspension and someone has parked in my space. What do I do?

If vehicles are parked in a suspended bay, please contact the Suspension Team or call 07968623713 to request the removal of obstructing vehicles.

Please note removals can only take place if reported between 8am and 3pm Monday to Sunday - we apologize for any inconvenience.

9. I’ve noticed you have changed the dates / location of my suspension…why?

We often have to amend the details of suspension requests in order to approve them, such as reducing the number of days or bays to be suspended.

If we do make any changes we will be sure to notify you of this in advance of your suspension start date.

If any amendments have resulted in your requiring a refund, we will ensure a refund or a credit note is automatically issued within 5 working days provided you give us sufficient advance notice that these changes don’t suit your requirements.

10. I’ve booked a suspension, what happens next?

We will suspend the area requested, or equivalent nearby area and will notify our enforcement contractor.

Warning notices are put up about three days before the start of the suspension.

However we cannot guarantee that the area will be kept clear.

11. I’ve booked a suspension but will need to park a vehicle in the bay I have suspended?

To enable parking for your vehicle/s you must enter applicable vehicle registration numbers that will be parked in your suspension.

This can be done at any time through your online suspension account.

Vehicles parked in the suspended bay which are not included on this application are liable to receive a Penalty Charge Notice and may be removed.

Any Penalty Charge Notices issued before the vehicle registration number details have been entered will be upheld so it’s important that you provide us with the vehicle registration details as soon as possible.