There are four ways to pay for your on street parking in Lambeth, ensuring that there is a method that is suitable for everyone. You can pay to park using coins in our pay and display machines, whilst some machines also accept card payments. You can also use Pay By Phone, who offer over-the-phone, app and web payments. Finally you can pay at any PayPoint location in Lambeth.

Visit the PayByPhone website to register for cashless parking or to manage your account.

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1. Cashless Parking

In 2011, Lambeth Council introduced phone parking across the borough with pay-by-phone. It is available to use in paid for parking and shared use bays throughout the borough (please note, pay by phone is not currently available in Herne Hill).

Using pay-by-phone is a quick and secure way to pay for parking in Lambeth. Instead of putting money (or using a card) into a payment machine, you can use your mobile phone to call, text or app to pay.

This information will be stored digitally so our Civil Enforcement Officers can use their handheld devices to see that you have paid for your parking. If you use the app option, your record of payment will also be stored on your phone.

2. How do I use cashless parking?

You can register in advance to ensure that you are ready to use the service the next time you need to park in Lambeth. Do this by:

  • Visiting PayByPhone website
  • Using an iPhone, Android or any mobile phone with internet access to search for our Pay by Phone app - just download it and follow the instructions
  • Calling 020 7005 0055 – please be aware that registering this way may take a few minutes

When you sign up you will be asked to enter your credit/debit card details and your vehicle registration number. These details will be held securely and never passed on to a third party. When paying for parking all you need to do is key in the five digit location code which matches the bay you where you are parking. The locations codes will be clearly displayed on the payment machine next to the bay. You will also need your registered payment card with you.

3. What are the benefits of cashless parking?

  • It’s convenient as you no longer have to carry around the correct change with you
  • It’s safe and secure and can be used even if a payment machine is faulty
  • It’s easy to top-up payments from wherever you are without having to return to your car (up to the maximum stay period)
  • You can opt into receiving expiry reminders before your parking time runs out
  • It’s easy to access receipts from previous parking sessions

4. Pay by Phone Frequently Asked Questions?

I need to get a receipt for my parking session. Is this possible?

Yes, when you sign up for pay by phone you can request that a receipt is emailed to you for every transaction. Alternatively, you can also get individual receipts through your online account.

When do the parking charges apply in a cashless parking bay?

Bays where you can use cashless parking operate in exactly the same way as paid for parking bays. The hours of control when payment is required will be displayed on the time plate for that bay.

Blue Badges - do I still get a free additional hour of parking in the Green Badge zone once I have paid for parking by phone?

Yes, the concessions that apply for Blue Badge holders in paid for parking bays in our central London Green Badge Zone still apply for Blue Badge holders using cashless parking and displaying their Blue Badges. An initial payment for parking must be made before the free hour of parking is granted.

I made a mistake using pay-by-phone and would like to request a refund. Is this possible?

Please note that all refunds, for corporate and personal accounts, including duplicate parking transactions requests, are subject to the refund policies agreed with the Parking Operator. Please contact PayByPhone in the first instance to discuss potential reimbursement.

How do I know that my payment has been successful?

If you are on the IVR (automated telephone service), the message will state ‘your transaction has been processed.’ If you are on the mobile web/App, a message is displayed stating ‘Your parking has been started.’

Can I extend my parking session without having to return to my car?

Yes, you can extend your parking session using pay by phone as long as you don’t go over the maximum parking stay limit. You’ll also need to know the code for the location you’re parking at to extend your session (this will be the same code as you used for your original purchase).

What are the reminder texts?

The reminder text is an optional service provided by pay by phone, where for a small charge of 15p you will always be reminded when your parking session is about to end. You can then use your mobile phone to extend your parking session, as described above.

If I pay for my parking session via text, how do I know this has been successful?

Any parking session paid for by text will receive a confirmation reply text to confirm that the payment has been successful.

I moved my car but still had time remaining. Can I apply the unused time to another location?

Unfortunately no. Just like purchasing a paper ticket, the ticket is only valid for the parking space where the session was bought.

How do I remove vehicles from my account?

If you need to remove vehicles from your account, you will need to do this via the app or by logging onto your account online. Unfortunately, it is not possible to delete a vehicle over the phone, but you can register new vehicles.

How do I update my credit card?

You can easily update the credit card information associated with your account by visiting the PayByPhone website. Log into your account using your 11 digit mobile phone number (no spaces and no dashes) and either the PIN or last four digits of the credit card you currently have on file. Once logged in click on the 'profile' tab to gain access to all the information associated with your account. You can also update credit card information using the smartphone applications. Log into the App and click on the 'Options' tab in the top right corner, you will then see an option for updating payment details.

5. The new £1 coin - important information

We have decided to initially configure 131 of our parking machines, based mainly on how regularly they’re used by citizens and their proximity to key areas, such as shops, high streets, transport links, hospitals etc. These 131 machines will allow customers to pay using the new £1 coin.

We have made a conscious decision not to reconfigure all our parking machines just yet, as this would mean spending around £150,000 at a time when more and more people are using Pay-By-Phone for parking (currently 80 per cent of transactions across Lambeth are used via this method).

The old £1 coin will still be accepted by our machines until 15th October 2017.

After this date, you will have the option to use pay-by-phone or PayPoint, or for some machines you’ll still be able to use your bank card to pay for parking. Pay-By-Phone is the quickest and easiest way to pay for parking all across the borough.

Please visit the Pay-By-Phone website to register for this service.

6. Pay Point

Customers can now pay for their parking in local convenience stores using our PayPoint service.

This partnership has been created to provide a further option for customers who would prefer to pay with cash but are near a machine that doesn’t accept new £1 coins.

In order to make use of the PayPoint service, you’ll need to provide the shopkeeper with your vehicle registration details, as well as the location code for the bay where you’ve parked – this is displayed on the sign next to the parking bay.

With PayPoint, like Pay-By-Phone, there is no need to display a ticket in your vehicle. A civil enforcement officer will be able to see that a parking session has been paid for using their handheld device.

If you would like to extend your parking session, you can do this at any PayPoint location, meaning that customers no longer need to return to where their vehicle is parked.

To find your closest two PayPoint locations, you can text CASH to 60075, and PayPoint will text back the details. Please note there is a 10p charge for this service.