Charting the history of the proposed Streatham Hill area CPZ's

Statutory Consultation, 1 November 2019

What is the current status of the proposed CPZ?

Following our decision to proceed with proposals to introduce parking controls in the Streatham Hill East area, we are now undertaking a statutory consultation to introduce the proposals as detailed below.

Following a separate stage 1 consultation, it has also been decided to include the Hailsham Avenue Area into the proposed Streatham Hill East CPZ.

As a result, these two separate areas are being consulted as one to form Streatham Hill East Zone ‘M’.

We have agreed to proceed with a statutory consultation to:

  • Introduce a new Streatham Hill East ‘M’ CPZ (excluding Palace Road and Hillside Road) to be operational Monday to Friday between 10am and noon.
  • Extend the existing Tulse Hill ‘H’ CPZ into Probyn Road to be operational Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 6.30pm.
  • Extend the existing Brixton Hill ‘F’ CPZ into Roupell Road to be operational Monday to Friday between noon and 2pm.
  • Introduce ‘at any time’ waiting restrictions at key locations in Palace Road, Hillside Road, Kingsmead Road and Leigham Vale.

Due to continued opposition to controls in the Tulse Hill West area, a decision has been taken not to propose CPZ measures in this area and not to re-consult this area for the foreseeable future. Keymer Road is also being excluded from further consultation.

You can take a look at the Statutory Consultation information below:

Streatham Hill East area CPZ - Statutory Consultation Newsletter

Hailsham Avenue area CPZ - Statutory Consultation Newsletter

Plan of revised proposals

For detailed stage 1 consultation results for these two respective areas, please see the following updates,

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How can I give my views?

Representations for and against the proposals described in this Notice must be made in writing to:

Parking Design Team
Capital Programmes
London Borough of Lambeth
P.O. Box 734
S023 5DG

or by email: (quoting reference STREATHAM HILL CPZ by no later than 29 November 2019.)

Objections must relate only to the elements of the scheme that are subject to this statutory consultation.

What happens next?

A Notice of our intentions to introduce these measures will be published in a local newspaper (South London Press), London Gazette and posted on lamp columns in the area.

All representations along with Officers’ comments and recommendations, will be presented in a final report to be considered.

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