Where to park in Lambeth including bank holiday restrictions, motorcycle parking, pay and display and car parks, how the restrictions apply and the charges you will need to pay.

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1. Parking bays

You must check the controlled hours of the bay in which you intend to park. Please view the controlled parking zone guide for full information on the zones in Lambeth and a map showing the different zones.

We ask you to show consideration towards other road users when parking your vehicle, this includes disabled people and pedestrians.

Parking within the bay markings ensures that your vehicle is not causing danger, obstruction or congestion.

Vehicles not parked correctly may be liable for a Penalty Charge Notice.

Types of parking bay in Lambeth

You can park in the following bays:

Type Parking conditions
residents' parking bay you must display a valid resident, teacher or motorcycle permit or have a visitor permit.
pay and display bay you need to pay the correct amount and clearly display your ticket.
disabled person's parking bay you must hold and display a blue badge. You can also park in residents' and pay and display bays, providing you display your badge.The Blue Badge scheme: rights and responsibilities in England.
business bay you must display a valid business permit.
doctors' bay you must display a valid doctors' permit. The doctors' permit has to show the bay number assigned to the surgery.
loading and unloading bays (inc. red routes) maximum stay of 20 minutes. Constant activity must be seen in this time. If no activity is seen for five minutes then a penalty charge notice may be issued.
shared use bay you need to display a valid resident, teacher, motorcycle or visitor permit or pay and display ticket.

Short term parking bays

As a result of the closure of Brixton multi-storey car park the following free short term parking bays are available:

  • 30 bays on Brixton Station Road (from Pope's Road to Gresham Road) and Valentia Place
  • four bays in Electric Lane (near the junction with Rushcroft Road)
  • two bays on Saltoun Road (near the junction with Railton Road).

You are allowed to park free for one hour after which you will need to remove your vehicle. You cannot return to the same space for two hours.

See a map of where you can park in Brixton (PDF 42.65 KB).

2. Pay and display bays

The hourly rate for parking in Pay and Display bays depends on which Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) you are parked in.

Please keep to the maximum time allowed on the time plate for that bay.

Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) Cost (per hour)
Brixton 'B' £3.00
Brixton 'E' £3.00
Brixton Hill East 'Q' £3.00
Camberwell 'A' £3.00
Cavendish Road (part only - boundary road with Wandsworth) £2.00
Clapham 'C' £3.00
Clapham 'L' £3.00
Hazelbourne Road (boundary road with Wandsworth) £2.00
Herne Hill 'N' £3.00
Kennington 'K' £4.00
Poets Corner 'P' £3.00
Robertson Road (boundary road with Wandsworth) £2.00
Stockwell 'S' £3.00
Thornton 'R' £3.00
Tulse Hill 'H' £3.00
Waterloo 'W' £4.80

Guide and map of CPZs in Lambeth

3. Car parks

There are four pay and display car parks in Lambeth.

Brixton - Popes Road car park

Maximum stay: four hours.

Opening hours: 8.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Saturday (excluding public and bank holidays).

This car park is for use by customers using our PayByPhone service, disabled badge holders and Brixton Market Traders federation permit holders only.

Holders of disabled badges are entitled to free parking anywhere within this car park.

Streatham - Leigham Court Road car park

Cost: For all or part of the first hour up to 2 hours - 40p per hour

For all or part of the 3rd hour - £1.20 per hour.

Maximum stay: three hours

Opening hours: 7am - 7pm Monday to Saturday (excluding public and bank holidays). Sunday free parking - 7am to 7pm.

Holders of disabled badges are entitled to free parking anywhere within this car park.

Norwood - Waylett Place car park

Cost: For all or part of the first hour up to 2 hours - 40p per hour. For all or part of the 3rd hour - £1.20 per hour.

Maximum stay: three hours.

Opening hours: 7am - 7pm Monday to Saturday (excluding public and bank holidays).

7am - 7pm First Sunday of each month to accommodate Norwood Farmers' Market.

Overnight parking is strictly prohibited.

4. Parking on bank and public holidays

Approaching UK bank holidays: Early May bank holiday: Monday 7 May, Spring bank holiday: Monday 28 May, Summer bank holiday: Monday 27 August, Christmas Day: Tuesday 25 December, Boxing Day: Wednesday 26 December and New Year's Day: Tuesday 1 January 2019

Parking restrictions are often relaxed on bank and public holidays, but you must ensure you check signs carefully before you park.

Where you are allowed to park on bank and public holidays

  • Pay and display bays (free of charge on bank holidays only).
  • Resident permit holder's only bays.
  • Business permit holder's only bays.
  • Permit holder's only bays.
  • Single yellow lines. Exceptions apply see below for more details.

Single yellow line exceptions - where you may not park

  • If a single yellow line is accompanied by a single yellow kerb mark on the pavement, and a parking sign that advises that a loading ban is in place at that location from Monday to Sunday.
  • If there is a separate yellow sign for the yellow line which indicates that parking is restricted from Monday to Sunday.

Where you are not allowed to park on bank and public holidays.

Please note that the highway code applies at all times and the places below may be subject to parking restrictions throughout the year, dependent on both the highway code and road signage.

  • Bus lanes (Please note that this includes driving in bus lanes during restricted hours)
  • Council car parks
  • Disabled bays
  • Double yellow lines
  • Footway parking
  • Across a dropped kerb
  • White zigzag lines
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Bus stops
  • Double parking
  • Suspended bays

On bank holidays we operate a removal service to deal with obstructive and dangerous parking. Please park carefully on bank holidays to avoid your vehicle being removed to the Lambeth Car Pound.

5. Motorbike parking

There are a large number of motorbike bays throughout Lambeth.

Where you can park

Motorbike bays will have markings on the street and signs with the wording ‘Solo Motorcycles Only’. Find out the Motorbike bay locations.

You can park your motorbike in an on-street pay and display bay or a vehicle bay in a car park. This is not recommended however as it can be difficult to display tickets on motorbikes because of the risk of theft or loss which may lead to you being liable for a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).


Parking in dedicated motorbike bays is free of charge.

There is a charge for parking in an on-street pay and display bay or a vehicle bay in a car park. You can find out parking costs in the Parking bays section..

What you need to know

Make sure that your motorbike is fully within the markings of the parking bay. If your motorbike is parked incorrectly you are liable to receive a parking ticket.

It may be necessary to suspend a motorbike bay from time to time therefore you should not leave your motorbike parked in a bay without first checking it is available. If the bay is suspended it will be indicated by a yellow suspension sign on the signpost within or nearest to the bay.

Do not leave your motorbike for longer than 24 hours in the bay as if it is suspended your motorcycle is liable to be removed.