A list of current and forthcoming traffic order notices.

Traffic orders, or notices, are the official documents through which we can introduce (or remove) temporary or permanent restrictions or physical measures (for example humps) on the public highway.

They may also be used for temporary road closures, for example for works, or special events.

The duration of the order or notice should be stated within itself, unless the restrictions are permanent.

pdf Temporary restrictions on traffic in various roads in the Streatham Common area for the construction of road humps - 25/07/201719.38 KB
pdf Bondway and Miles Street temporary road closures - 26/07/201713.95 KB
pdf Leake Street temporary road closure - 11/08/201787.74 KB
pdf Edgington Road temporary 'at anytime parking', waiting and loading restrictions - 04/01/201888.07 KB
pdf Temporary parking and traffic suspensions in various roads - 12/01/201811.51 KB
pdf Woodmansterne Road temporary road closure - 02/02/2018246.03 KB
pdf Flexible car club parking permits - 16/03/2018163.11 KB
pdf Bondway temporary road closure - 16/03/20185.53 KB
pdf Cornwall Road and Roupell Street temporary road closure - 29/03/201810.79 KB
pdf Temporary road closures for special events - play street days Durban Road, Hexham Road and Rommany Road - 23/04/201862.64 KB
pdf Temporary parking place suspensions and ban on parking and waiting in Miles Street, Trenchold Street and Wyvil Road - 20/04/201868.37 KB
pdf Temporary traffic and parking restrictions for resurfacing and maintenance works - 27/04/20187.49 KB
pdf Increase in Parking Permit charges - 04/05/2018123.59 KB
pdf Temporary closure of Kinfauns Road and Daysbrook Road - 18/05/2018190 KB
pdf Amendments to one-way system, lorry ban and waiting restrictions around Westminster Bridge Road - 30/05/2018119.59 KB
pdf Brantwood Road and Thurlow Hill temporary road closures for play days - 15/06/201857.6 KB
pdf Idmiston Road temporary road closure - 06/07/2018188.78 KB
pdf Paxton Place temporary road closure - 13/07/201810.4 KB
pdf Gleneldon Road, Gracefield Gardens, Leigham Vale and Valley Road temporary road closures - 13/07/2018191.74 KB
pdf Leigham Court Road and other connected roads temporary parking restrictions - 27/07/2018115.16 KB
pdf Norwood Road and Half Moon Lane temporary road closures - 03/08/2018113.67 KB
pdf Abbotswood Road temporary road closure - 03/08/2018112.51 KB
pdf Proposal to remove parking spaces for cycle hangars - 28/08/2018175.23 KB
pdf Canterbury Grove temporary road closure - 07/09/201854.23 KB
pdf Temporary parking, waiting and loading restrictions for Friendsfest - 07/09/2018115.42 KB
pdf Proposed exemption for pedal cycles on one-way routes - 07/09/2018123.28 KB
pdf Binfield Road temporary road closure - 28/09/201887.51 KB
pdf Cavendish Road and adjacent roads, temporary road closures - 28/09/201891.73 KB
pdf Ufford Street and Webber Street temporary road closures - 28/09/201888.52 KB
pdf Windmill Walk temporary road closure - 28/09/201888.78 KB
pdf Coldharbour Lane temporary road closure - 05/10/201852.84 KB
pdf New Park Road temporary road closure - 05/10/201856.89 KB
pdf Farnham Royal temporary road closure - 21/09/201842.39 KB
pdf Temporary parking restrictions in Clive Road, Chalford Road and Hamilton Road - 19/10/201854.2 KB
pdf Carlisle Lane temporary road closure - 19/10/201852.7 KB
pdf Upper Marsh temporary road closure - 19/10/2018112.75 KB
pdf Casewick Road temporary closure and parking restrictions - 19/10/201853.58 KB
pdf Temporary parking restrictions on Deronda Road - 26/10/20185.66 KB
pdf Cubitt Terrace temporary road closure - 09/11/2018182.85 KB
pdf Richborne Terrace temporary road closure - 09/11/2018181.26 KB
pdf Brixton Station Road temporary road closure - 09/11/2018183.04 KB
pdf Changing parking spaces into cycle hangers in various roads - 16/11/2018206.6 KB
pdf Knolly's Road temporary road closure - 30/11/2018248.71 KB
pdf Prescott Place temporary road closure - 30/11/20189.88 KB
pdf Tulsemere Road temporary road closure - 30/11/201810.57 KB
pdf Knollys Road temporary road closure - 07/12/201842.29 KB
pdf Continuation of flexible car club parking scheme - 07/12/2018164.03 KB
pdf Temporary closure of various roads for Network Rail bridge works - 07/12/201812.55 KB
pdf Cormont Road temporary road closure - 07/12/2018113.27 KB
pdf Belevedere Road temporary road closure - 07/12/2018114.82 KB