A list of current and forthcoming traffic order notices.

Traffic Orders, or Notices, are the official documents through which the Council can introduce (or remove) temporary or permanent restrictions or physical measures (eg: humps) on the public highway.

They may also be used for temporary road closures, eg: for Works, or Special Events.

The duration of the Order or Notice should be stated within itself, unless the restrictions are permanent.

pdf Wandsworth Road Part Stopping Up - 02/03/201613.67 KB
pdf Horsford Road Temporary Waiting And Loading And Parking Restrictions - 02/03/20167.77 KB
pdf Belvedere Road And Chicheley Street Temporary Road Closures - 25/04/1666.73 KB
pdf Langton Road and Lothian Road temporary parking, loading and waiting restrictions - 24/10/2016107.84 KB
pdf Vale Street temporary ban on vehicles waiting at any time - 23/11/201664.49 KB
pdf Palfrey Place temporary road closure - 14/12/201656.09 KB
pdf Newnham Terrace temporary road closure - 14/12/201656.17 KB
pdf Goldsboro' Road temporary road closure - 21/12/201655.73 KB
pdf Salamanca Street temporary road closure - 21/12/201657.84 KB
pdf Narbonne Avenue temporary road closure - 4/01/20177.73 KB
pdf Leigham Vale temporary road closure extension - 6/01/201758.99 KB
pdf Road resurfacing and laying of road humps on various roads - 01/02/201766.18 KB
pdf Changes to the operational hours of the Kennington "K" controlled parking zone - 01/02/2017163.54 KB
pdf Coldhabour Lane temporary road closure - 01/02/201712.23 KB
pdf Glenelg Road temporary road closure - 01/02/201711.89 KB
pdf Newnham Terrace temporary road closure - 01/02/201711.93 KB
pdf Temporary at any time parking, waiting and loading restrictions in Hopton Road - 07/02/201712.25 KB
pdf Bedford Road and Landor Road - temporary road closure 07/02/201713.37 KB
pdf Leigham Vale temporary road closure - 07/02/201712.1 KB
pdf Juxon Street temporary road closure - 15/02/201712.29 KB
pdf Lambeth High Street temporary road - 15/02/201711.59 KB
pdf Leake Street temporary road closure - 15/02/201711.69 KB
pdf Thurlestone Road temporary road closure - 15/02/201711.93 KB
pdf Upper Tulse Hill temporary road closure - 15/02/201711.77 KB
pdf Woodland Road temporary road closure - 15/02/201712.14 KB
pdf Removal of one way system on Pensbury Place and Pensbury Street - 15/02/201720.36 KB
pdf Cornwall Road temporary road closure - 20/02/201712.35 KB
pdf Various principle roads restrictions on traffic and parking for resurfacing - 08/03/201713.43 KB
pdf Brixton Hill introduction and extension of controlled parking zones - 22/03/2017123.04 KB
pdf Vassal introduction and extension of controlled parking zones - 22/03/2017120.28 KB
pdf Leigham Vale temporary road closure - 30/03/201711.88 KB
pdf Acre Lane temporary traffic restrictions - 05/04/201710.4 KB
pdf Conyers Road temporary road closure and Riggindale Road temporary one-way operating - 05/04/20177.62 KB
pdf Cottage Grove temporary road closure - 07/04/20177.77 KB
pdf Pensbury Place and Pensbury Street changes to one-way traffic, parking and waiting - 12/04/201713.04 KB
pdf Westminster Bridge Road temporary traffic restrictions - 04/05/201760.44 KB
pdf Loughborough Park temporary parking restrictions - 05/05/20177.5 KB
pdf Emmanuel Road and Hydethorpe Road temporary road closures - 19/05/20178.26 KB
pdf Valentia Place parking suspension and waiting restrictions - 19/05/201757.68 KB
pdf Increased on-street parking permit charges - 19/05/201717.41 KB
pdf Carlisle Lane temporary road closure - 26/05/20178.33 KB
pdf Proposal to change and add a new road hump on Thornton Road - 15/06/2015404.86 KB
pdf Proposal to change and add a new road hump around Streatham Common South - 15/06/2017325.27 KB
pdf Saltoun Road and Rushcroft Road temporary road closures - 16/06/201721 KB
pdf Road closures for summer 2017 street parties batch two - 16/06/20177.69 KB
pdf Temporary road closures of Calais Street, Cormont Road and others - 23/06/201712.33 KB
pdf Albert Embankment service road temporary road closure - 23/06/2017187.7 KB
pdf Belvedere Road and Chicheley Street changes to parking places and construction of flat-top road hump - 07/07/2017709.8 KB
pdf Ardwell Road and Blairderry Road temporary road closures - 14/07/201756.91 KB
pdf Thornton Road, Hydethorpe Road and Parkthorne Road temporary road closures - 14/07/20178.42 KB
pdf Vauxhall Walk exemption for pedal cycles from one-way system - 14/07/201713.44 KB
pdf Exemption from one-way traffic for pedal cycles - various roads - 14/07/201713.53 KB
pdf Temporary restrictions on traffic in various roads in the Streatham Common area for the construction of road humps - 25/07/201719.38 KB
pdf Bondway and Miles Street temporary road closures - 26/07/201713.95 KB
pdf Introduction of double yellow lines and removal of parking space in Emmanuel Road - 27/07/201731.73 KB
pdf Introduction of waiting restrictions in Streatham South area - 04/08/2017197.75 KB
pdf Clayhands Road and Thorne Road temporary road closure - 04/08/2017184.38 KB
pdf Leake Street temporary road closure - 11/08/201787.74 KB
pdf Electric Lane temporary road closure - 14/08/201711.71 KB
pdf Shakespeare Road temporary road closure - 14/08/201711.68 KB
pdf Implementation of new and extensions to control parking zones across Lambeth - 14/08/201714.27 KB
pdf Vining Street temporary traffic and parking restrictions - 18/08/20177.66 KB
pdf Carlisle Lane and Upper Marsh temporary road closure - 25/08/2017109.93 KB
pdf Woodfield Avenue temporary road closure - 15/09/20178.24 KB
pdf Belvedere Road temporary road closure - 25/09/201753.96 KB
pdf Black Prince Road temporary road closure - 25/09/20176.89 KB
pdf Introduction of D and F controlled parking zones in Brixton Hill - 25/09/2017197.31 KB
pdf Introduction of V controlled parking zone in Vassal - 25/09/2017194.08 KB
pdf Casewick Road temporary road closure - 25/09/2017114.19 KB
pdf Introduction of Electronic Parking Permits - 22/09/201712 KB
pdf Pratt Walk temporary road closure - 24/11/20177.57 KB
pdf Tulsemere Road temporary road closure for a street party - 24/11/20177.09 KB
pdf Streatham Common North temporary road closure - 30/11/201743.41 KB
pdf Old Paradise Street temporary road closure - 01/12/2017114.31 KB
pdf Temporary road closures and “at any time” parking restrictions on Ardwell Road and Blairderry Road - 21/12/201791.22 KB
pdf Leigham Avenue temporary road closure - 21/12/201710.91 KB
pdf Upper Marsh temporary road closure - 21/12/201788.78 KB
pdf Edgington Road temporary 'at anytime parking', waiting and loading restrictions - 04/01/201888.07 KB
pdf Glasshouse Walk, Goding Street and New Spring Gardens Walk - Notice of intent to film - 04/01/201811.48 KB
pdf Removal, introduction and extension in length of disabled parking bays in various roads - 04/01/2018284.1 KB
pdf Temporary parking and traffic suspensions in various roads - 12/01/201811.51 KB
pdf Conversion of parking spaces into London Cycle Hire parking on various roads - 26/01/2018267.04 KB
pdf Woodmansterne Road temporary road closure - 02/02/2018246.03 KB
pdf Aldrington Road, Conyers Road and Riggindale Road temporary traffic and parking restrictions - 02/02/2018176.94 KB
pdf Virgil Street temporary road closure - 09/02/20187.06 KB
pdf Proposed introduction of the Streatham Hill West “G” CPZ and extension of the Thornton “R” CPZ - 02/03/2018287.88 KB
pdf Ravensdon Street closure - 09/03/2018189.36 KB
pdf Flexible car club parking permits - 16/03/2018163.11 KB
pdf Bondway temporary road closure - 16/03/20185.53 KB
pdf Cornwall Road and Roupell Street temporary road closure - 29/03/201810.79 KB
pdf Concert Hall Approach temporary road closure - 06/04/2018111.45 KB
pdf Estreham Road continuation of no northbound traffic except cycles - 13/04/2018257.55 KB
pdf Babington Road change to pedestrian zone - 20/04/2018115.58 KB
pdf Temporary road closures for special events - play street days Durban Road, Hexham Road and Rommany Road - 23/04/201862.64 KB
pdf Miles Street temporary road closure - 20/04/20185.79 KB
pdf Crescent Lane and Lyham Road temporary closure of the cycle lane - 20/04/20185.8 KB
pdf Temporary parking place suspensions and ban on parking and waiting in Miles Street, Trenchold Street and Wyvil Road - 20/04/201868.37 KB
pdf Temporary traffic and parking restrictions for resurfacing and maintenance works - 27/04/20187.49 KB
pdf Increase in Parking Permit charges - 04/05/2018123.59 KB
pdf Temporary closure of Kinfauns Road and Daysbrook Road - 18/05/2018190 KB
pdf Temporary traffic and parking restrictions for Field Day and Might Hoopla festivals - 18/05/2018116.16 KB
pdf Temporary traffic and parking restrictions for Prescott Place - 18/05/201810.59 KB