Play Streets allow parents to reclaim their road for children's play areas. You can apply for a temporary Play Street order to close your road for up to three hours per week or month.

Sadly, the deadline for making play street applications for summer 2017 has now passed. We will be running a similar promotion later this year, details of which will be announced online and in local media

Play Streets have proved very popular in other parts of the country including Bristol and Hackney and we believe they will prove as popular in Lambeth.

The Play Street project provides a safe environment free of cars where children can have fun and play near their own home - giving them the space they need to play energetically.

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1. Applying for a Play Street order

If you want to apply to close your road for a Play Street session, you need to first talk to your neighbours and explain exactly what you want to do. When you are speaking to them bear in mind that the street won't be closed completely - residents can still drive to and from their homes.

You will also need to recruit friends and neighbours to help on the day - there has to be someone at each end of the street to warn cars.

If you feel there is enough support among your neighbours for a Play Street then complete the application form.

Application form temporarily removed.

2. Find out more

Visit the London Play website for more information on Play Streets and other schemes.